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A Mountaineer's Meanderings

I have been off MK677 for 1 week. I had been running it for 1.25yrs straight. My appetite: Is. Gone.

As a former fat guy, I never understood how people complained about not getting “all thier macros in”… I get it now. The struggle is real…

191 this morning. Ate a large amount of pork rib chops last night, so my recorded calories are definitely an estimate. My best estimate for yesterday is:

Fats are a little higher than I intend. Carbs were oats (2 servings), Unsweetened Skyr (2 servings), zucchini (1 serving) and white potatoes (1 serving)

I had day A3 of the best damn program. I subbed conventional deadlift for reverse hypers/GHR. I had my wife form check-video a set of 5. It was ugly. I may stop DL until I get my leg strength and mobility increased.

Prepped a few days worth of chicken in the sous vide. image

Had a good workout today, B3 of best damn. I started putting bands on my tower for cable-cross/pec-dec/tri-rope/lat-pulls. Love the difficulty at the finish, esp for cable cross.

Post workout meal:
Sous-vide elk chuck (6oz), 75g cold jasmine rice, and the rest of the plate in green-beans. Braise-reduction sauce.image

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191 and a bit tighter on the lower abs this morning. quick shot of breakfast before I head to the farmers market(for more eggs!)… I’ll hop back on to rant and answer a few @'s later.image
Flame-finished fried eggs (2 duck, 2 Hen); chicken sausage, peppers & onions, Ezekiel toast, steel cut oats.

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192 this morning. Love handles and chest looks a bit tighter to me. Worked out the past-7 days, except 1. 4 excercises/day. 3 sets of 10. Had to skip legs since last week due to incredibly sore legs… I ran about 10 40yd sprints, all-out, last week. Since then my quads have been so sore (deeeeeep-sore) that I was afraid I would shear a muscle in two if I tried to sprint again. I’m giving it another day or two and then it’s back on the sprints. Diet has been on-point. I’m trying to incorporate MOAR VEGGIES. My daily goals are:
100g or less fat.
280g protein.
Carbs spaced throughout the day.
Veggies at every meal.
Sauerkraut everyday.
At least 1 lb steamed broccoli.
At least 1/3 lb spinach
4-6 oz fish
6-8 oz red meat
1 oz nuts (Mac or mixed)

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189 this morning, down 3. I sweat like a mofo last night. Love handles are evaporating. Very pleased with progress since adding high carbs.

I wanted to post a pic that highlights my progression. I bought these pants, AND THEY FIT, about 2.5 yrs ago. Thank you to everyone that contributes on T-nation, as I did it with YOUR HELP.

This is from about one year ago, about one month in to my progression:


189 this morning, that’s been steady for at least a week. Love handles are still melting. I have dropped cals to an average of 2550/day. Macros are looking like: 270P, 85-95F, 175C. I am trying to incorporate more carbs, but they gum me up (I write this while taking my 3rd minuscule shite of the day). I’ve tried sweet potatoes, white pots, jasmine rice (cold or hot), oats, and Ezekiel bread… Everything just acts like glue in my belly. This time last year (on low-to-no-carbs) I was taking hippo-shits ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qih-_TROAkk).

i bought kodiak power-cakes mix to try to up the carbs one out of every three days. We shall see how that goes.

I cycled back-on the mk677 on Monday after a 2.5wk break. I almost threw up from hunger today. Holy hell this stuff makes you huuuuuungry.

I had the opportunity to work out with a good friend who has great technique on his DL and Squats: with his instructions I pulled 225x2. It’s pathetic, but it’s only the 20th time I have deadlifted in my life, and it felt a LOT better than my last 200lb+ attempt (that I videoed) which was all lower back. Today my Hammys are sore, so I think I am making progress.


Great write up in your OP, seems like everything is really coming together. Looking solid & lean in these recent photos, excellent progress since your 2016 photos. You also seem very enthusiastic & confident in your path forward, nutrition & liting-wise. Add to that, the fact that you “feel your best” now at the age 36, keep it up!

As far as sprints go, hold back a bit. Stay away from 100% effort, in fact keep it at ~90% or below. You’re still recruiting a ton of IIx fibers and your body will adapt & improve. Even elite sprinters stay shy of 100% effort in much of their sprint training, and save that gear for meets where the risk vs reward is worth it. You’ll probably still have some soreness but, not nearly as much and the risk of strains & such is dramatically reduced. One mistake people make when getting back into sprints (or trying them for the first time) is going max effort and tightening up, try to be aggressive early then just stay relaxed after 10-20 yards. Relaxation is key to sprinting and running, allows you to get more work in too & eventually hold pace for longer. That’s my advice on that.

That hippo-shits video made me lol, never saw that before. Definitely wasn’t expecting that.



Thanks for the feedback. I’m headed out to train now, I will keep a bit in the tank this time. I’ve always been an “all-or-nothing” guy, so holding back is something I need to practice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah that hippo vid made me, and my kids, laugh out loud too.

On an unrelated note: I stopped smoking cannabis recently, and have turned into a total piece of shit. I am agro-alpha to the extreme. I FTFO at least once a day, and my voice is changing from DI-style yelling. I saw alpha’s aggression-reduction/anger-management technique and may give it a go (sledgehammer strikes on an old tire), but if anyone has any other ideas: I’m all ears. Thinking about yoga (which I suck at, so naturally I hate it), meditation, or longer-runs… I’m in my off-season from the mountain right now, and I don’t think that’s doing my sanity any favors. But I can’t depend on trips to 11k to keep me sane either.

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Wow I watched a bunch of their Youtube videos, now I know somebody who has one!!!

And your transformation is inspiring!!!

For sure! If you have any questions, I’m happy to share everything I know.

That is so cool. Thanks. It’s a long road, but worth every step. I would have never made it this far without the inspiration I find on this forum. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: thanks to all the posters and contributors on t-nation for your help. I can’t wait to see how far this can go.

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I just got back from harbor freight with my new 10lb sledge. I beat the crap out of a few motorcycle tires I had laying around. Thanks for the idea @Alpha! Great anger-management tool.


II had a great workout last night; my brother came over and we got to train together. He has been my daily training partner since we started getting fit last year. He has gotten a girlfriend, well two actually, and has had very little time to train lately, so this was a treat. I hate lifting solo, especially getting under the bar for big lifts like squats and bench; Having someone around just seems intelligent. (Reminder: just got the barbell in July, these movements are new to me, previously I was using Dumbbells only)

Tried front squats for the first time, just one set 85x12, to get the feel of the movement. Like anything new: it’s awful and I’m terrible at it! I do like it better than rear squats because it feels safer solo, seems like I could dump the bar in a pinch without killing myself. I went for 245 rear squat, and couldn’t get parallel. I really envy the guys that have been squatting for 10+yrs. I did hit 205x5 with solid form.

Incline BB bench: 85x10, 135x6, 135x6+2+1
Front raises 10x10, 15x6, 15x6 mTor
Tri-rope push down 40x12, 90x5, 80x5, 70x6 (drop set)

Sleep has been awful lately. Kids both have a cold.
Food-prep game and diet has been on-point.

Last week I discovered an issue with my diet (aka a knucklehead move): I had manually entered a food into my tracker (siggi’s nonfat plain Skyr) and put it in as 450kcal/serving instead of the actual 150kcal/serving. I eat 2-3 servings daily. This means I was eating 700-1050kcals less than what I thought… Holy fuck. The upside is that since I have found my error, I am now at 2500/day average (down from 3100) and I don’t feel any worse for the wear. Funny mental-games we play.

I posted in @kleinhound log about gut bacteria and selectively killing them off (gut-biome-genocide/eugenics). I really believe it and feel like I am walking proof that if you can resist eating unhealthy foods for long-enough, you won’t crave them anymore. I haven’t eaten a French fry (chip!) in at least 18 months; all I can think about while writing this is a plate of Brussels sprouts! Pizza is a distant memory, the thought of which now honestly makes me feel queasy. I will, however, crave-seek-and-destroy a large salad with cold potatoes, peppers, onions, and meat.

I’m going to try making kodiak power-waffles this morning, and cutting most fats from my bfast. I’m going to eat my usual 4 eggs later in the day and see how the early boost of carbs treats me. Have an awesome day Tnation!


That right there is the key to healthy living IMO


Absolutely awesome, you are looking great! Thanks for posting to your log, just caught up. Definitely will be following along here!

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Thanks Rob, I appreciate it. I want to elaborate a bit more on my goals when I have a minute (kids, work, house, oh my!)

I am keeping a quick log of my temp (a la KSman) as I want to make sure my thyroid is kickin.

At wake (6:45): 98.2
9:30: 99.5, 99.2, 99.5
11: 99.0, 99.2
12:30: 97.9, 97.9, 98.4
2:30: 98.2, 98.4, 98.7
4:00 99.0, 99.1, 99.0

I’m headed to work, I’ve got two goals for the day: 45/35/20 (C/P/F) and 100 pull-ups

Oh! Best news in 4 months: S-N-O-W in the forecast!

If I get to ski fresh in sept, I will be one happy fatty.

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following. good stuff.


Great to have you along, sir, thanks for joining us!

I’ve finally found a topless fat-pic for comparison’s sake…
On left: Dec 2013, weight unknown, 225ish?. On right: April 2017 ~208lbs

I’ve dropped another ~20lbs(!) since April


Even your beard/jawline looks stronger now, lmao. Great before/after. Anticipating the third (2018) comparison slot, should be serious.


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