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A Mountaineer 5/3/1 log


Im getting my masters in exercise physiology at WVU right now. Ive been lifting seriously for the past 3 years and have been running 5/3/1 since Jan. Just recently stalled on all the main lifts and decided to deload and start a log on here.

Push Press
135x5 160x5 180x10

BW+20x8 40x8 60x8 80x8


60x8 70x8 80x8 90x8


Oh and I do 20 prowler sprints after each workout


Looking forward to football season? Should be a lot of fun.


Yea should be interesting to see with Stewart gone what Hologorsen's offense does this year.


Today was deadlift day. The last set on deadlifts I should have easily gotten 10 or more reps but for some reason by back was really sore. While doing the lunges I wanted to focus on range of motion and not worry so much about loading up the weight. Overall pretty average day.

295x 5 340x5 385 x6

40x12 50x12 60x12 70x12

Wide Good Morning
45x12 95x12 105x12 115x12

Standing Cable Crunch

Ill go run some hills later in the day. Legs are pretty sore from today still.


Did bench today. Decided to go wider on my grip and the weight felt extremely easy. Very good workout today.

bench press
190x5 220x5 245x10

incline flye/press
45, 55, 70, 75 x10

kroc row
120x 23

tricep pushdown- 4 sets

Forgot to write all my stats in the first post.

Height- 5'10
Weight- easily flucates between 180 in the morning and 195 rite before I go to bed.
1RMs- Bench 330 Squat 340 Deadlift 525 Push Press 230

Ive always been and extremely good presser. My first day lifting when i was 15 my max on bench press was 150.
I find it extremely strange that my squat and bench are only 10 pounds apart.

Ive been following an intermittent fast protocol since may and absolutely love it. Weight has stayed the same but ive have clearly lost alot of fat especially around the midsection Plus I love the feeling of lifting on an empty stomach. Feel more focused and more alert.

Lifting History
Started lifting when I was 15 for football and was mostly just going through the motions. Yet I still grew. Gained 15 pounds my first month going up to 190 Stayed there for awhile. Took up wrestling my junior and senior year and wrestled in the 160 pound weight class. I was so thin back then. Still had my natural strength but lost all of my "gym strength." Then after college I started getting into fitness alot more and started surfing on tnation and took the attitude that is extremely prevalent on here and just eat everything i could for one whole year. Well... it worked but I was a fat piece of shit. Got up to 230 pounds and my strength barely increased I think i was following a TBT routine at the time. My sophmore year of college I got sick of being fat and started looking towards Dorian Yates as an inspiration I followed his exact routine for a year and eat better and did no cardio and got down to 175 pounds with abs semi visible. HIT burns you out though and it defintely burned me out So i switched to GVT for 2 1/2 years and gained 10 pounds during that time. Not much but still it was progress and my body fat even decreased. Yet i was not strong so i started looking around for programs and found westside first. I never liked it so I switched to 5/3/1 and loved it. Wendler's attitude is amazing. My deadlift increased 100 pounds in a year and my squat jumped 50 in a year Ive thought about doing a powerlifting meet but idk yet


Those are good numbers. It's not completely unheard of to have a bench and squat max that are close. Leverages are part of the game. You should lift in a meet - they are a good time. They used to hold mets at Pro Performance on a regular basis through the USPF, but I don't think those are happening anymore. I believe NASA and USAPL hold the majority of meets in the state.


Thanks. Ive been at WVU for 3 years and have only just now found out about Pro Performance. Ive been lifting at the Rec Center for free but I'm defintely gona shell out the cash for a membership at Pro Performance once class is back in session.

This is gona sound like a bitch but the only thing holding me back from signing up for a raw meet is that currently i deadlift double overhand with straps and I'm afraid that if i use a mixed grip ill tear a bicep. I assume the odds are low of that happening but it still plays with my mind. Gota stop being a bitch i guess. lol


As long as your form is sound, you shouldn't have any problems making the transition to a mixed grip. If you've done them before, it is the same philosophy as the first pull in a clean: your arms are like meat hooks - don't bend them. You might also give the hook grip a shot, although that is a little on the painful side, lol.


novaeer, i will try the hook grip next deadlift day. thanks for the tip

was 107 out today and the gym's ac didnt work so that sucked.

squat 215x 5 250x 5 280x 11

wieghted back ext. 4 sets
glute/hame raise 4 sets
decline situps 4 sets
some bicep work

there is real pain when i squat. its right at the hip joint. ive found that if i stretch my adductors that this helps to take the pain away. squats are the one lift that have never felt natural to me


Push Press 150x 3 170x3 190x9
Dips 4 sets
pullups 4 sets
face pulls 4 sets
skullcrushers 4 sets

ran 6 hills afterwards too. probably a 100 yard hill with a slight incline.

also, i have decided to do the NASA WV Regionals in November. Im gona shoot for a 1300 pound total.


How wide of a stance do you take when you squat? Also, you might try foam rolling the glutes and piriformis prior to squatting, in addition to any type of mobility work you do.


My stance is slightly wider than shoulder width. Since friday Ive been doing defranco's agile 8 every day first thing in the morning. interested to see how this helps during the next squat day. Hurts like hell though.


Tues- Deadlift day

worked up to 410x3. grip gave out when i tried a single of 445. gota start working on grip.

wednesday- bench day

worked up to 260 x 5. should of gotten more reps but whatever. try better next week. shit ton of assistance work after. prolly like 50 sets altogether. felt good afterwards too


did squat today. after a week of doing the agile 8 mobilty work, i was finally able to reach below parallel with no pain. felt easy too.

230x3 265x3 300x8.

weighted back ext. 4 sets
GHR 4 sets
weighted decline crunch 4 sets


push press yesterday

160x5 180x3 205x 4

worked up to bw 60x 3. did 40 reps all together

worked up to bw 110 x 6.

both pullups and dips were PRs for me today.


Homemade sled


Took 10 days off after my deload week and decided to just focus on my conditioning. Walk on tryouts for the WVU football team are next week so I figured I should try and aim for that as a goal.

Decided to switch to the trimuative template for assistance work. I started to do way to much assistance work and not enough quality assistance work. Also Im gona try and break PRs every week on certain assistance exercises. I am just going to use the total reps completed as my record or just use more weight for the same amount of reps


Did Bench today. Awesome workout and high intensity. Wendler's advice to have a rep goal for every set really helped me to focus more.

190*5 220*5 250*11

Kroc Rows 105*24

Dips Bw+50 Did 36 reps in 4 sets


I had a few friends that gave the walk-on tryouts a shot. One guy almost made it ones as a safety, but the others weren't even close lol. Just be sure to avoid any collisions on the field with Bruce Irvin. :wink: