A Month Off; Muscle Loss?

Hi friends. As the title says, I’m going to take a full month off from training due to many life factors, but mostly due to an annoying injury i need to heal (pain in the upper inside of my left elbow). My therapist told me that rest is mandatory to heal this damn injury. I am training since August 2014 without taking any long break (maximum a week off) and i thought a full month off would be a chance to get rid of a lot of little pains here and there.

The question is; Am I going to lose muscle mass during this month off? And if so, how long it takes to regain it?

Very little, will be more mentally as you will feel like you are and the loss of inflamation could make you look a teeny tiny bit smaller. But actually muscle loss, next to nothing. You will back to where you were withig a couple of weeks or so.

Seriously dont worry about it, so insignificant an amount of time. Whats the other option, keep training and be force to have a longer break when the injury gets worse?!


You’re so right, my friend. Thanks for answering my question! I was a little worried because I’ve never took such a long break from training.

No problem. Upper body should be avoided for the month and it sounds like some life things may stop your gym time. Can you find 15 minutes every other day at home to do some lower body and ab stuff? I have some suggestions for that if its a possibility.


No muscle loss but loss of water and glycogen, so you will look flat. Also you might think you lost some strenght but thats because you havent done the movements for a while. You can prevent this by doing something a bit with bodyweight exercises, bands etc. Just pump stuff, if your injury allows it.


Yes! Luckily i will be able to do long bike rides with my friends, and doing some bodyweight squats and ab work will not be a problem.

I’ll keep that in mind, thank you!

You’ll be good, man! Plus you have no other choice, so it doesn’t matter.
You’ll be mostly out of practice when you come back to it.
My $0.02 would be to do exactly what you’re talking about - just something totally different. That way, when you’re good to return, you’re hungry for it and it’s fun.

Basically everything @kd13 said.


Thanks! I’ll do so :slightly_smiling_face: