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A Month In, Any Tweaks to This Program?


I’m just over a month into my training and I was hoping someone could go over my diet and workout and give me feedback on things I can do to improve and tweak. I think I’m going along the right lines - but it would be cool if you guys could check this for me:

I work out four times a day - first thing in the morning. I train Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun. I do FB Tues and Thurs and then Upper Body Sat and Lower Body Sun. I might change this to five times a week and do more splits - I love my gym sessions! Anyway, my plan is:

FB (Tues/Thurs)
Dumbell Squats
Dumbell Bent Over Row
Single Arm Dumbell Bench Press
Dumbell Split Squat
Assisted Chins
Leg Press

Upper Body (Sat)
Dumbell Bent Over Row
Single Arm Dumbell Bench Press
Assisted Chins
Assisted Dips
Lat Pulldowns

Lower Body (Sun)
Dumbell Squats
Leg Curls
Split Squats
Leg Extensions
Leg Press
Calf Raises

As for my diet - I count calories, proteins and carbs for all my meals/snacks. I am 5’10’’, 12 stone. I aim for 250g protein a day, 2000 cals (I rekon 2500 is maintenance) and 70g carbs on non workout days and 100g carbs on workout days. I’m just under 14% body fat. I’m trying to get to 10% while adding as much lean muscle as poss (I’m hoping as a nubie I’ll be able to loose fat and put on some muscle). A typical training day is:

Brekkie (Pre workout)
Porridge + scoop Protein with Semi Skimmed Milk

Post Workout
2 scoops MP Hurricane + 1 scoop Protein
3x Scrambled Eggs on 1 WM Toast

Handful Roasted Peanuts
Protein Shake

140g Chicken Breast

Handful of Nuts (Sunflower/Pumpkin)

2x Turkey Fillets and green veg (Watercress and stuff like that)

Before Bed
Protein Shake

I know I rely a bit on shakes but I’m a bit of a crap (light) eater and its easy to have a shake. I have 1 cheat meal a week on a Saturady night.

So - anything I’m doing drastically wrong/things I need to change? Any help would be great

First things first.
Are you making gains?
Are you visually improving?

Why are you working out 4x a day. If your any kind of hard gainer I expect you to plateau soon.

Toss out the Leg Curls get a manly Hamstring movement in there.
Toss out Db Squats, get a barbell on your back.

For Eating Read:
The Testosterone Advantage Plan

For Training Read:
BRAWN by Stuart McRobertson

For more in depth eating read:
Nutrient Timing

Draw your own conclusions.

Okay, a couple things. However, let me tell you you’ve done a good job start. You’re diet is pretty good, not much there, however your workout could use some fixin bruce lee style.
FB day, make it a Full Body day for real! Do some full body exercises. Front squat to pushpress, clean and jerk, clean and press, you get the idea, you can find these kind of exercises everywhere.

Like the guy before said drop the dumbells and get a man’s weight on your back. Do leg press and Lots of it. I would advise against leg curl and leg extension. They are whats known as “Single joint exercises” they only work with one joint. However, Squat and Leg Press work more parts of you leg giving you mussels not only more growth oppritunity but accual function.

as for upper body, your workout looks pretty decent. Make sure to bench and shoulder press like a crazy bitch.

And, this is just me, but I don’t see any bodyweight workouts. Hit the floor with some pushups and bodywieght squats once and awhile.

remember to eat every 2- 3 hours and post workout and pre workout snacks.

Like I said before though, your plan has no real flaws, just areas it could be a smidgen better, keep it up big man.

Ta for the the advice guys.

I should have said really - the reason I am using Dumbells for my squats is because I had an op on my back in Dec (3 slipped disks) and my back and core are not very strong. I’ve been told by my physio to not stress the back until my core and back are stronger - hence the dumbells instead of barbells. I fully intend once I have some strenght (and confidence my back isn’t going to break!!) to use barbells.

As for am I making any gains - I think I am. I took measurements 1st of April - so I am just waiting for the 1st May to measure again and see exactly what is what.

I guess because I am trying to get to 10% bodyfat while trying to put on lean muscle - the time it takes is much longer compared to if I was bulking and trying to add muscle?

And finally - would you drop the Leg Curls and Leg Extensions altogether and for lower workout just do Squats, Leg Presses and other such compound moves?

I’m always looking to improve - so thanks v much for the help so far :slight_smile:

[quote]yasser wrote:

Why are you working out 4x a day. [/quote]

Hahaha - sorry - I meant 4x a WEEK!!