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A Moment to Brag, Please


I ususally don't do this, but I have to share....and no one to share with where I am.

The hot aerobics instructor asked ME out after her class and my workout (which ended almost at the same time).

To have the object of so many guys attention come on to ME.....well, that is a huge ego-boost.

Good times shall ensue.

Brag over (for now)


Good job man.

Remember, don't party without balloons.


FO' SHO'!!!! LOL


Need pics.


I hope you find out she's really a shemale so your ego would be totally busted. Ok sorry, I couldn't resist that one. But yeah, my ego would be so totally boosted too if in the same situation. Have fun.


You are, of course, obligated to maintain the T-man high standards of personal behavior and perform every form of sexual act on this hottie you can think of!

congrats and enjoy it, a lot!


Mazel Mazel.


I hate to be the first one to bring this up, but what were you doing in an aerobics class?



Also brag : a hot young DOCTOR - a girl doctor, for the record - asked me out today during an experiment.
Sandals kick ass.


hahaha. good point. hell, if that shit works though, sign me up.


Haha, nice bro, you got a love a hot chick that shows some initiative.

The secret came out this week that I have been banging the PB in our gym (perfect booty for you laymen). I like to keep my shit on the DL but one of the rumor mill housewife queens caught us sat night in some bar. So now I was probed to finally answer the million dollar question...does she have butt implants? No, she doesnt...lol

Some advice, make em wonder in your gym but dont kiss and tell. The sheer agony they experience of not knowing will make you king.



Someone needs to re-read.


I read that as his work out ended around the same time as her aerobic class, he did not say he took her class.


good call


Obligatory: stick in her pooper.




I wasn't. I was doin' shoulders (body split). But the aerobics class is parallel to the workout area...and no walls/windows separate them.

They even have a little stage for the leaders of the classes...and this stage is right next to where a lot of the free weights are...




I can honestly say I have never heard this phrase before...


dudes its a chick and a male aerobics instructor im surprised he is not queer