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A Moment of Silence for Pat Tillman

Just found out that Pat Tillman, the NFL player that joined the service was killed today.

If you want to read more about him, see issue 248

I admire his courage of his conviction. For some reason, this really hits home

Worst news I’ve heard in a while. Talk about role model, patriot, hero…the kind of guy the youth of this nation should see as a real role model.

If my memory serves me correct he was t-man of the year before, or at least nominated highly.

Best wishes to his family who obviously raised one hell of a human being.

I was just about to post something about this. What a shame. Here’s the link for those who missed the t-mag article-

Didn’t know the guy, but I feel sad that he’s gone.

Rest well

He is an example of what a true T-man is.

Sad, very very sad.

On a lighter note: I’m a big NFL Draft junkie, and up until this year, I used to read everything I could in the months leading up to the draft: Pro Football Weekly, internet, Mel Kiper’s book.

I specifically remember Kiper saying that Tillman was going to be an impact player. He raved and raved about how though Tillman didn’t fit the computer numbers, that the kid was an animal on the field, heart of a lion, smart, etc etc.

He said whoever drafts him is going to get great value, since he wouldn’t get drafted high -thanks to his size. Also, the fact that he was transitioning from LB was a knock against him as well.

During the draft, I remember watching and all thruout the draft, whenever DBs would come up, Kiper would always say thing s like “There’s a lot of good guys, left on the board, including Tillman, somebody’s gotta take Tillman, he will produce, he is an NFL player even though he is undersized and doesn’t fit the numbers.”

God Bless Pat Tillman!

Kipoer didn’t even realize how right he was about this guy. He produced big time!!

Glad to see the t-wimps haven’t posted anything about this…and YOU know who you are!

His quietly selfless patriotism and sense of duty & honor are testimonies to those qualities that made Pat a great American (and a helluva T-Man).

Rest in Peace, T-Warrior. You have the eternal thanks of a grateful nation.

that really sucks. does he have a family, wife or kids?


I don’t know what you mean about “t-wimps.” I don’t think that there is a person on this board who doesn’t respect the sacrafice soldiers make for this country.

He has a brother that did the same thing right? Played in the NFL and droopped to join the military.

Ptdr- Seriousl What are you talking about?

Stacked and Chrisr…you know the anti-America/anti-military posters on the forum; I don’t need to name them individually…Im sure youve read their posts. Thats who I am talking about. And they HAVE STFU!

Peace guys…

This gets me in the gut. He was a better man than I.

If you’re interested in seeing him honored by the NFL you can lend your voice:

At the bottom of this article

God bless another Ranger in the sky.

Good lord. What about the other GI’s who were killed? Get your heads on straight and view the “family-unfriendly” photographs of unmarked boxes with flags draped over them. He made is choice based on principle; it was his choice and it was right for him.

Condolences to his family and friends.