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A Moment In The Life Of. . .

here i am digging my theets in a quarter lemon to kickstart my liver, getting down my greens + tangerine flavor, cook 200 ml of simply eggs whites, chopped 1 tomato plus 100 gr of le doyen ham and mix all things togheter…yummy! Now i’ll go back to the kitchen and mix a cup of oatmeal,water and add mixed berries plus a cup of mott"s apple sauce (no added sugar of course).there it goes for my breakfast at this moment.

Hell what??? some will say!!
I’ts just an invitation to tell your part or the day(right when you doing it!) in your life as people who love training and knows about nutrition, whit this we can help each others and learn from others, if i knew in the past what i know now…

So i invite everyone boys ans girl to share some part of their day with T-Nation. nutrition, training, injuries, EVERYTHING. (please understand that everything mean be serious and intelligent. no wee wee poo poo)

Actually I find that a bit restrictive.

I mean, with the all the fruits and fiber we all eat. As well as staying properly hydrated. This leads us to have a much greater intake of liquids and fiber than 90% of the rest of the civilized world. This translates into “wee, wee, poo, poo” taking a great presence in our lives.

Just my opinion, and no I wont share any related stories right now.