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a mixmash routine

Hi, I was hoping some of you could comment on my routine. After a lot of reading/experimenting with westside and other routines, ive come up with this routine on my own (it might actually be some diagonal periodization technique). I?ve been doing it for 4 weeks now with good success.

My goals: hypertrophy, strength, power <- hehe, for sports

This is all kept under an hour:
Hypertrophy: max 8 exercises (3 sets each) 10-14 reps
Strength: max 6 exercises (3 to 6 sets) 1-2 core exercises (4-8 reps)
Power: depends:)

day 1, hypertrophy: CHEST/tri/shoulders (10-14 reps etc)
Day 2, Strength: back/legs : hamstrings (GM?s, deadlifts) , lower back,horizontal rowing (4-8 reps)
Day 3, hyp (chest/TRICEPS/shoulders)
Day 4 str (back/legs): quad (squats) ,chins,pulls

Day 1, Strength: chest/tri/shoulders (flat barbell bench, flat db bench, plate raise… ) (4-8 reps)
Day 2,Power: legs/back (plyometrics jump training, box/speed squats, GM?s
Day 3, pow (legs/back ) plyometrics, box/speed squats, lunges
Day 4, str (chest./TRICEPS) close grip bench (db/bar flat), plate raise

Day 1, Power: chest/tri: plyometrics for upper body (mb throws/tosses/plyometric pushups), speed benching
Day 2,Hypertrophy: legs/back: hams/lowerback,horizontal row (gm?s/dl?s/bent rows )
Day 3, Pow… (same) as day1
Day 4 Hyp… (legs/back…) quads (squats/lunges), vertical back (pullups/chins)


Ok sorry if I didn?t write that good im half asleep, but basically while working on one phase such as hypertrophy, im working on an other phase such as strength for different body part

I don?t do anything near 1RM for lower body, squats/deadlifts for power/strength, a nagging muscle tear seems to resurface, that?s why im trying to focus a lot on the hypertrophy/strength phases (my legs strength/power don?t have any maximal loads).

What do you think? Is it too much overload? am I out of my mind? Well it seems to be working good for me so far and I plan on training like this for 18 weeks, so I?d like to know what you guys think.

Oh and I still do very light plyometrics for the lower body (jumping) throughout the entire phase (just light during the non-plyometrics phase to keep my progression going). This usually occurs prior as a warm up to my sport specific trainig.

Ok peace

I believe that you are doing way too much. You are only have a day or two rest before you train the same body part again. Unless you are a freak (or on some serious juice) you should only be looking at once every 5 days for direct training. I also think that 18 weeks is too long to stay on the one program, esp if you are capable of these workloads as you will plataeu way before then.

i didnt clarify that good, but say on day 1/3 chest/tri workout, on day 1 i will emphasize chest/shoulders, then on day three i will emphasize triceps/shoulders (ie palms in bench/close grip bench/close grip pushups). this is same for all strength/hypertrophy phases, ie for back/legs ill do hams/lower back, then next time quads/upper back.

also after every 6 week cycle of it i rest one week.

forgot to say alot of things :slight_smile:

jesus sorry, and thats day1, day2, rest, day3, day4, rest, rest (week)

i dont like it…perhaps you should read ct’s pendulum training and if u have read it again. Its hard to hybird methods, it has taken me many months to learn how to do so properly. Cut back on volume for one…youll burnout quickly…

you mean the volume as in the strength/power phases? or as in the amount of exercises /reps i use and how many times a week i work out each body part?

the reason why ive done this is because regular periodization is what has worked best for me (ie X weeks in a row of hypertrophy, followed by X weeks strength followed by X weeks power), but i find that my strength goes down too much when i am not lifting heav during that hypertrophy phase and sets me back (when i could have maybe improved more).

ok will do, rereading pendulum now