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A Missing Link Found?




I never doubted there was a link. It was a matter of when it got discovered. Evolution became pretty clear in my studies of the vertebrates. From the most primitive to the most advanced, they all share the same characteristics in a chordate.

Btw, does everyone konw that a human undergoes all stages of evolution as it develops in the womb? Yep, gills, a tail, and everything like that.


Neat animal. Too bad they went extinct, fish neck sounds yummy and probably would have been a power food.


A nine foot long fish, "that can do pushups" with a neck and presumably a bad ass jaw full of teeth?

I don't really like fishing, but Id go hunting for that sumbitch. Anything I can jack a 12ga slug into and not be confident it won't try to eat me is my kind of game.


Very Interesting.


You sure about that?


You think that if we genetically modified the fetus to turn off whatever factors are responsible for the disappearance of the gills before birth that we'd be able to have functional gills, like that dude on Waterworld? I don't know about you guys, but I think that would be pretty cool.

Cool article though. I don't see how people can read all sorts of stuff like this and not believe in any kind of evolution.


After Googling this...

Question - Is it true that some babies are born with some sort of
gills? How and when do humans adapt from breathing inside to breathing
outside of the womb?


You have received a great deal of false information. First, babies are not
born with gills! Get that out of your thinking! Babies do not "breath"
for oxygen in the womb. They do "practice breathing" using the amniotic
fluid of the womb, but it is not doing them any good otherwise. All of the
embryo and fetal needs are received through the placenta. The mother
provides everything that is needed.

As for the gills, there is a stage in the early human embryo development
whereby humans do show gill slits, but not functional gills. Slits are not
gills!! As a matter of fact, all vertebrates show these same gill slits.


No they really don't. First of all, there are no "stages" of evolution. A tail, for instance, is not an atavistic trait--most verts have tails. So there is no progressive evolution from tailed to tail-less.

In any case, you are basically restating Haeckel's long discredited hypothesis that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. It is widely known that Haeckel fudged his observations for one thing, and that the strict recapitulation theory is not correct. There is some presence of some traits from ancestral lineages during development, but not all, not all in sequence necessarily, and they don't represent evolutionary "stages".

In any case, cool find for the paleo geeks. I can't wait for the ID crowd to think of a retort to this find.


Those "gills" are the bones that make up the inner ear.


But still, one can observe a fetus with pharengeal gill slits and an obvious tail. Maybe it isn't stages like you say, but it is representative of how verts coped with life on land. No to mention that a human fetus and a certain stage is almost identical to a sharks, whick is of course the oldest of the existing fish.


I thought we found the water to land link years ago. Remember the Cealocanth?


How do they now for sure the devonian period wasn't 399 million years ago or 401 million years ago, hmm?

Obvious flaws I tell you!

Okay, I tried. Sounds really cool, now the ID folks will have to pick a different missing link to bitch about.


I never said they are born with them. I said as they develop, they show these traits, yes I know they are slits, pharengeal gill slits, ok. The interesting fact i was trying to convey is that all verts go through these developmental stages before birth.


that's correct.


So, because the developmental stages of the inner ear resemble gill slits, that's proof the stages of human development in the womb mirror human evolution?

Stephan Jay Gould, speaking of the Haeckel embryo drawings, said, "We do, I think, have the right to be both astonished and ashamed by the century of mindless recycling that has led to the persistence of these drawings in a large number, if not a majority, of modern textbooks."

It's stupid when creationists use false info against evolution and it's just as stupid when others use false info in support of evolution.


I believe it's more of a link that ties humans to all the other verts.


The coelocanth is a fish with fleshy fins. These fins resemble early limbs of land animals. This particular fish was thought to be extinct.


It also has primitive lungs and can live out of water for long periods.


Ah, another good point.