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A mini cutter...

I have some Winny orals and some clen and some T4 left from a previous cycle and I was thinking of running them to make a cutting cycle.

50mg Winny a day
Clen up to 6 tabs a day
T4 up to 4 tabs a day
Duration 4 - 6 weeks
PCT 3-4 weeks nolva or clomid

My idea is that the winny would help promote LBM increases even in a hypocalorific state and the clen/T4 would speed up fat loss.

Any comments would be much appreciated.

Is the winny inj or oral?
What is the dosing in micrograms for the clen and t4? Also pct is not needed as winny acts in a similar manner to clomid and nolvadex, lowering estrogen levels.

Make sure you gradually increase the clen and t4, and stay at a high level for a couple of days, then gradually decrease them. Be careful with the t4, it is dangerous and can mess up your metabolism permanently if you take it wrong…I would do some research on the most effective dosing for it, I myself am not particulary familiar with it. I would run this cycle for eight weeks: use clen for the first two weeks, then winny only for the next two weeks, then winny, clen for weeks 5-6, and finally just winny weeks 7-8. you might want to use an ECA or somethin when you arent using clen, and throw in the t4 based on whatever dosing protocol you can find.

And I dont think it would hurt to throw in some PCT. Winny doesn’t aromatize, but I am pretty sure that it can still cause some HPTA suppression, even at 50mg ED.

Good input guys. The winny will be oral - I have 400 x 5mg tabs so I was gonna run 50mg a day for 40 days which I think is long enough for some decent results. Do you think a shorter cycle but at a higher dose would be more productive? (60 mg for 33 days?)

The T4 I have is in 100 mcg tabs and the clen is 20 mcg per tab.

I have used the T4 with some success but suffered a little Thyroid supression post use and gained some fat back…this time I am going for a long taper off which I hope will stop this happening again. Does anybody know at what dose T4 becomes suppresive and how long one needs to get the thyroid back on line?


PCT is absolutely needed.