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A Million Little Pieces Shattered?


I was notified of this interesting little tidbit, and not too surprised either. A bit disgusted, but thats about it.
With some of the recent discussions about different opinions of addiction and modes of recovery, and this book being cited by some as both motivational and uplifting- There is something that needs to be known about the author...


It's a long read, but apparently his stories just don't jive with reality.


Surprised there were no comments on this. TSG article was a good read, and apparantly did tis job, acordign to thi article.


"Readers offered refund for controversial memoir."

Basically Random House is offering refunds on the book "because of the controversy surrounding it."

Whats funnier, that a guy could take a major publishing house for all that cash with a false memoir or that he fooled Oprah with it?


I was watching 'countdown' last night on MSNBC adn they had a guest on talking about this fellow and his book -apparently the guy shopped it around to something like 17 publishing houses as fiction before he sold it to Random House as non-fiction.


Hahaha, it's nice to see Oprah nailed for something, even if it's indirect and unintentional and all.


I saw this story on the news this morning. At first I was a bit displeased with the author for scamming everybody...but now I think its good for him. Oprah is the devil and she deserves it for peddling all of her crap to every woman in this country.

And I know we are not talking about Dr. Phil here, but fuck him too.


Oh yeah, I think the author is going to be on Larry King tonight (9pm EST).