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A Message from the Duke to Liberal SOBs


Still relevant today


This is fucking embarrassing. I feel like I'm now more of a maundering idiot just for having heard this.


This speech is used by liberals to make the Duke look like some sort of lunatic hawk, however I don't understand why. So maybe he was a little drunk. Maybe he's not very articulate. He was an actor after all. In spite of this, EVERYTHING he says is true and you can tell how distressed he was at the state of the country and at the anti-war traitors. The Duke may not have been an intellectual but he was right thinking, a patriot and he embodied ideals that made America great.

Don't like the Duke's 'maundering', off the cuff drunken speech? Here's Reagan at his best on appeasement of the Soviet Union, circa 1964.


The duke was drunk and it sounds like he was an idiot of sorts also , Just like Reagan :slight_smile:


Why not address the substance of what he said? The treasonous anti-Vietnam war scum that destroyed America.

Anyone who thinks Reagan was an idiot is an idiot. Care to name any other President, Republican or Democrat, who had any idea what he was doing in terms of foreign policy since Kennedy?


spew your garbage elsewhere sex machine, i like everyone on here much more when we talk weights


Anything that can be destroyed by pointing out that killing millions of people aborad that pose no danger to you is probably not the best idea is not worth saving.



This is PWI fella. From my limited understanding of these things, weightlifting is not a political or world issue.


The Soviet Union and Communism posed no danger to the United States? Typical orion bullshit.


Of course, the domino effect! It's a damn good thing we won in Vietnam; stopped those pinkos in their tracks from grabbing Thailand!


The North Vietnamese posed no danger to the US.

I am glad however that we have found the last knight defending the Domino Theory.


I think the Duke and you have spoke for them self :slight_smile: It amazes me you can speak against an entire generation and feel justified


You know all that money, manpower, war material, lives etc that the Chinese and Soviets put into the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the scores of Communist insurgencies all over the globe? Well, if we hadn't defended our allies and ourselves in the wars that those Communist bastards started all those resources would have been available for other invasions and subversions.


He's only 19 give him a break. Don't you remember when you were young and stupid? Well..okay you were never that stupid, but still.




its war ZEB, you have called me out in two different threads, i realize the is PWI, but a figured that was better than getting fired up about conservative-liberal BS, i think a better way to have phrased my statement would have been to say why the fuck is PWI on T-Nation other than to get dbags to talk shit on forums where they dont have to back it up. If you guys were so intelligent, you might be debating this on a different platform


War? Oh no, what will I do? Skippy has declared war!



it take some real balls to talk a big game over the internet bro, something tells me your not so hard in the real world where it counts