A Message for the Canadians

I just wanted to express my deepest regret at the friendly fire incident that resulted in the death of some of the fine Canadian servicemen over in Afghanistan. We Americans really do appreciate the solidarity shown by Canada and the other countries who sent their sons and daughters over in support of the battle against terrorism, and mourn the loss of such fine men in such a tragic fashion.

This has been big news up here in Canada over the last two days. The media is screaming for answers and an investigation. They’re complaining that Bush isn’t showing enough sympathy and that the Canadian military is just being used as pawns by the U.S military. I’m actually quite embarassed about the way the Canadian media has portrayed this whole event. Yes it’s a very tragic situation, yes it should not have happened, yes there should be an investigation to make sure it’s less likely to happen again. But, am I wrong or is this not a war? Shit happens and people fuck up. While I feel awful for the families of these brave men, part of being a soldier is the real possibility of getting killed in action. I’m also embarassed to hear about many Canadians speaking so strongly against our involvement in the war against terrorism. I don’t get it. How can anyone question this being the right thing to do. I’m all for a live and let live attitude, but the Al Quaida organiztion has openly declared war on the Western world. To top it off it was civilians attacked at the WTC, not military personel. If the terrorist network in the middle east is not totally wiped out, they will develop nuclear weapons in time and they will use them. I think there needs to be more solidarity from the European countries and Canada with the U.S. Let’s stop these religious lunatics now before the number of innocent North Americans and Europeans killed by terrorism numbers into the hundreds of thousands instead of thousands.

Dont worry about it… Its all part of the game.

I agree with your reply. You have to remember though that our media is in general nothing more than Liberal government ass-kissers. The same government that gutted our military is sending condolences to the families??? By the way where are you in Canada??

I’m with magnus, sewerhooker and andrewa - my prayers are with the families but this is war, mistakes will happen, men will die.

3-L T-Man, thanks for the message.

I too, am sorry about the deaths. Like so said this is war, men will die! This thing with the media makes me SICK though. Just like it deeply disturbs me when we have civilians here protesting about the war, treatment of P.O.W’s and about their “rights”. FUCK THEM! Who are they? They didn’t have their father, mother, children… murdered. They don’t don’t have to look into the eyes of the now parentless children and explain why the bad men did this. Then explain why they are trying to defend these bastard’s “rights”. Don’t they understand (media and civilians from both countries) that these people will, and are still planning to kill them. To kill OUR children, to try to take OUR freedoms away. The freedoms that we’ve fought so long and hard for. Some people just don’t get it!! Like I said earlier I am deeply disturbed and sickened by the trend in society. I just hope that they will eventually see the ignorance in their ways and stop the display or their craven acts. Now,… I’m better.

I live about 40min. west of Toronto.

This is a war, casaulties are expected. But what makes this a tragedy is the way these Canadians died. The pilot was refused to fire twice but did it anyways. The area he fired at was a known training area and it was well known that Canadians were having a training exercise there. This was a case of a person trying to get some medals. Instead his negligence ended up killing his allies. He should be discharged and forced to spend time in a military prison. People have gone to military prisons for less.

And he probably will. If he disobeyed a direct order and men died…he’ll be in Kansas before June.

As a Canadian I am pissed at the Media too. They make us out to be winers. Like I could give a fuck if George Bush snubbed us that time when he thanked everyone helping in the 9-11 crisis. (Not to mention the skating fiasco…which incidentally it was the American public that got the Canadians the metals and not the Canadian Athelets…ummmmm thanks guys. :slight_smile: ) Whocares the important thing is people were helped in NY. As for this. A nation is not to be blamed for the actions of one man. Face it Canada is happy to have the states to protect us cause our army could beat…luxeumburge and thats about it. Although our snipers helped in operation anaconda if I’m correct. :slight_smile: