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A Meeting of Minds & Muscle

Guys it was awesome to meet you all this weekend. I haven’t had a conversation like that in a long time. Thanks for the comments in the photo forum. Obviously as always there were some assholes who posted but hey that doesn’t discourage me. I indeed did find a gym in Spokane(24 fitness) but by the time we got there we only had time to stay for 2 hours and I only found it after dinner.
To brider, I brought back some 4 Ad Ec, power drive, M, and Grow MRP with no problems(Except it leaking in my damn bag!!!) There were about 34 of us on the bus so they didn;t even bother checking our luggage on the way back into Canada. I am happy about that. I am going to try the Power drive today as I have been partying all long weekend and I just drove 16 straight hours with minimal sleep so motivation for my workout is a little lower than usual. I’ll post my results later.
:slight_smile: Groove