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A Meaningful 40th Birthday Gift?

Another suggestion, buy him a gun or some tickets to a sporting event.

Make it thoughtful and a present for you. Go to Vegas together, or maybe a fishing trip.

[quote]sen say wrote:
Iron Dwarf wrote:
Who the fuck needs Viagra at age 40?

One with ED…or (speaking from experience) one with 3 women at his disposal that wants to make the most of his time.[/quote]

Men with ED need love too!!

[quote]Diablo9845 wrote:
My Dad is turning 50 this year and my family is pitching in to get him a Desert Eagle in .50

Pretty much works with every birthday… .45, .40, .44, .32, .38, .25, 9mm haha


You’ll have to wait until their 35th birthday to give them the 9mm in the US.