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A Matter of Sweat

I’m going to try and make this a short question to the T-Nnation. While I’m training, whether it be cardio or weight training, I’ve been having an issue with never sweating at all. Now I know it’s not an intensity issue as my heart rate gets quite high through both activities and I’m wondering if it’s a matter of my calories being too low and for too long. A quick breakdown:

  • Weight training 3-4 times a week (5X5s with supplemental isolation movements - 3 sets 8-12 not to failure)
  • Cardio training 3-4 times a week (varied between sprints, steep incline walking, etc.)
  • I am dieting and usually get around 200g of protein, 100-120g of carbs during the week (200+g on weekends), and 20-30g of fat.
  • BF% approximately 12%
  • I’m 6’1" and fluctuate between 180-185 lbs.

I’m also strugling to lose that last 10 pounds of fat around my torso but that’s another question for another day.

Any thoughts?

The first thing I would guess, and address in your situaition is your water intake. I would bet from what you stated you are dehydrated. In turn your body will not give away the water to cool itself through sweating, it has more important functions to use the little it has for.

Up your water intake. You will not only get better performance, but it can be a GREAT aid in cutting the FAT down. Now you may initially weigh a bit more due to you not having enough water in storage now, but once hydrated you will get better performance, proper body functions, nutrient shuttling, feel more full while hypocaloric, etc…

Give it a try.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Phil . . . I’ll give it a go but I drink a hell of a lot of water throughout the day - I’d say around 8-10 liters. That doesn’t include other drinks.

Do you think it could be because my carb intake is filled with really low glycemic carbohydrates like oats and brown rice and the fact that my body isn’t holding much water anyway?

I might be reaching here . . .


Did you used to sweat? Some people just don’t sweat as much as others. Do you really not sweat at all? There are medical conditions that can cause this.

Do you feel overheated or do you feel like your heart is beating real fast and hard?

If not medical then, how often are you peeing? 8-10 liters of water should be more than enough, but maybe it’s not.
Is your urine mostly clear?

If this has been the way it has been for your whole life, and you have been active with no side effects–I guess I wouldn’t worry to much. On the other hand, if this is a new phenomenon, I would answer those questions and seek out some answers from a medical professional.

It is important to note that the evironment will have a significant impact on your sweat rate. Typically a more well conditioned athlete who has been training in hot environments will begin to sweat quicker. The trick is that the sweat is mostly water, This means the same amount of electrolytes are lost but the body is cooled faster.

Also consider that your sweat will evaporate… if you are in a very dry climate you may not realize that you are indeed sweating. Most of the other stipulations have been mentioned above.

Thanks a lot for the responses. When I was heavier I did sweat a lot more but I was un-healthy all around. And yes, I pee a lot and it is mostly clear.

I’ve just noticed that my core temp is low pretty much all of the time and I wsan’t sure it was because I was hypocaloric most of the time. I’m sure it’s no big deal but in terms of losing weight I just wanted to ensure that I’m optimizing my potential to do so and I wasn’t sure if a low core body temp was inhibiting my progress.

Thanks again for the responses in what must seem like a dumb question.

I agree with the environment thing. I actaully have gone as far as truning the heat on in my w/o room inorder to just start breaking a sweat and getting nice and warm in preparation to w/o.

I perform better when my core temp is elevated and find it hard to sweat as well. So yes it very well could be just your conditioning and not dehydration. I just wanted to be sure you had addressed that. Sounds as if you have.

And no I dont think its the low gi carbs. Those are GREAT sources and should make up the majority of your carb intake.

Best of Luck,

At the risk of asking the obvious question…

where are you located? Here in Maryland I sweat like a pig just walking down the street; in New Mexico, I have to do an anaerobic workout hard enough to put myself on the floor to sweat half that much.


I perform better when my core temp is elevated and find it hard to sweat as well. So yes it very well could be just your conditioning and not dehydration. I just wanted to be sure you had addressed that. Sounds as if you have.

Best of Luck,

This is in-part due to the increased disassociation of oxygen / hemoglobin in warmed up muscles.

Keep with the low-gi-carbs. Being hypoglycemic or hypergylcemic would arguably make you sweat more.

Decreased core-temp is often a result of being hypocaloric. You might look into some Maximum Strength HOT-ROX if you are that interested in cutting, otherwise get those calories up.

It might have something to do with the amount of salt you eat. With all that water you drink, you might wwant to try eating a bit more salt.

I’ve noticed that the amount I sweat is directly related to the amount of salt I eat.

Thanks again everyone . . . I really appreciate it.

I live in London, England and the gym I train in often has the AC cranked. I’ll give it all a go and hopefully it’ll all figure itself out. Again, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a sign of a decreased metabolic rate and a severe slow down of fat burning. I remember reading somewhere that a low core body temp was a sign of just that.

Thanks again.