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A Marines New Diet Plan - Critique


I received a lot of feedback with my last post - which is really fuckin appreciated everyone! - so I went to the drawing board and here's what I've come up with based on the articles I've managed to find....again, your comments and critiques are most welcome

Oh, for any Marines out there - Semper Fi!

New Diet

Breakfast: 0600-0700
Oatmeal or All-Bran Cereal
Piece of Fruit
4 Egg whites

Snack: 0800-0900
Handful of Almonds

Pre-Workout and Non Workout Days:1000-1100
Full serving of Grow!

Post Workout:1200-1300
Full Serving of Grow!
Non Workout Days:
Roast Beef Sandwich (whole wheat bread)
egg white

Meal 3: 1500-1600
2 cans Tuna, veggies

Meal 4: 1800-1900
Steak or Salmon steak or Tuna Steak

Meal 5: 2000-2100
Half serving of Grow!
Fish oil

I've ordered 4lbs of Grow! (Classic as I've been unable to find Metabolic Drive) so once that gets in I'll be switching to that instead of the CytoGainer. Oh, and in case you didn't read my first post, I'm allergic to poultry - hence the complete lack of any on my diet
Comments? Suggestions?
Thanks, gentlemen


First Thanks for serving.

OK my input

MORE protein 4 eggs white is nothing. Total intake their is a bit low as well. should be largest meal of the day. add some protien will help that as well.

Some protein to go with these fats would be good Metabolic Drive, Milk, cheese, jerky etc.

Looks good

work out OK Surge would be better but Grow! will do the job. non work out. drop the egg white maybe more beef and some Fruit maybe veggie. This meal should be like the breakfast a BIGUN.

good fats??

good one maybe olive oilon the veggies

Make it a full scoop and Metabolic Drive would be a MUCH better choice or Cottage Cheese.

all in all not a BAD diet at all seen much worse. One thing that would help more is your goals. Little hard to give quality feed back on intake etc.

Hope that helps,