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A Man's Man

I’ve been watching that crazy aussie, the croc-guy Steve Irwin and I’d have to say he is a REAL T-Man. What do you guys think? who else fits that bill? Also he’s kinda cute:)

In terms of what he does, and his attitude, he is quite the T-Man - and a very successful one at that. He hardly has a ripped physique, although what he does have has been sculpted by wrestling crocs, or something like that :wink:

I like watching the croc hunter, but mainly because I’ve always liked reptiles. I did have a friend who went to Australia and he said the Aussies didn’t care for him too much and told my friend the Americans can have them. I think he’s pretty entertaining to watch though. He has too have some balls to handle some of the snakes he does.

Sorry guys, from our point of view (Australian’s) the man is an idiot. He takes unnecessary risks with the animals just for the camera, a real T-Man is Malcom Douglas. He runs a croc farm in the Northen Territory, when he catches a croc he uses trap, none of this jumping on the back of a croc and throwing a towel over his eyes shit.

He’s got guts and he doesn’t use traps because he doesn’t want to hurt or stress out the croc too much.

Stress the bloody Croc, you don’t think people jumping onto the croc’s back stresses him out just a little… The traps T-Man Malcom D uses are massive drums, the croc isn’t man handled in any way. Being a T-man is about doing things the smart way.

A Girl: Sometimes if a person is a little whaky and eccentric, it will often hide the fact that a person actually knows their stuff. Hey…the guy is an Entertainer…but listen to him when he gets serious…he knows Animals…

Let's see...a well known person(s) that fit the "T-Man/ "T-Vixen" bill?...HHuummmm...Cal Rypkin (we endure and overcome); Martina Navratilova (at 44, plays Hockey, Skis, runs, can push more Iron than probably a lot of people on this site, with daily workouts that would amaze Ian King, and can still probably beat 99.9% of the people in the world in Tennis. And I just KNOW some prick is going to comment that because she is Lesbian, she can't be a "true" T-Vixen; to that I say "bite me")...I'll think of some more later...these two should be enough to stir the pot!!! :)----!!!

I think he’s just plain nuts. But it’s cool to watch

Thank you A- Girl. Look out! She’s going into a death roll!

Most Australians dont know who steve irwin is. A conversation that ive had and have seen many times goes like this
American; Wow steve irwin is so cool
Aussie; who’s that
American; the crocodile hunter
Aussie; you mean bush tucker man
American; no
aussie; you mean troy dann
american; no THE CROCODILE hunter
aussie#2; you know the tosser that was on the footy show the other day that sterlo and fatty were making fun of
aussie; Oh yeah I know the one
hes alright i guess

He is gaining popularity and respect though its nothing like it is in the US

As for T Man
yeah hes full of guts, says what he thinks, doesnt care too much what others think,
id say that he has the T man mentallity

he isn’t a t-man, he’s a crazy man. the guy is a lunatic. but he is passionate about what he does, and thats cool.

Hell yes Stevo is a T-man (not the physique of course). That bloke has nuts bigger than the crocs he goes after. I am always highly entertained by Steve and his crazy adventures. Not only is Steve tough as nails, but he is one of the most positive fun-filled people I’ve ever seen. You gotta respect somebody that enjoys themselves that much. The Croc Hunter is about the only thing on TV worth watching besides sports. Watching Steve always gets me laughing and puts me in a good mood.

Irwin is unique to say the least. He is, however, a great entertainer. And talk about knowledge of reptiles and the outback. He is also one heck of an athlete. The way he handles those crocs and snakes with strength and lightening reflexes is amazing. Some may see him as crazy, but behind the craziness is knowledge of the events at hand. The show is great entertainment. Too bad there wasn’t more like it.

A MANS MAN??? sounds kinda funny to me… i think the real t man(or ill say men here)is anyone how does their heavy squat and deadlifts… the’re real t men

BAhahaha…do heavy squats and run away from dangerous crocs and snakes…ahaha…T-men…
Steve Irwin has guts…heck,I have no guts to wrestle crocs and suffer tons of snakebites.
WEll,I say this Steve has big guts eventho it’s his job.