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A Man Who Knows All Learns Nothing

Hello, T-Nation. I am brand new here but I’ve been getting workout tips and diet tips from here for years. I am 5’9 167lbs and 11% bf. I realize where everybody is coming from when there was post after post of “need a steroid source can anyone give me one?” The only one I had was a family friend who owned the gym I went to. He told me to go out and make that source when I was sixteen. Little did I know it would take me 8 years. Again I am not on here looking for a source. Neither should you post one. It’s bad enough some dumb kid killed himself after cycling 16 years ago and his father was a poster child for a parent who lost a child to steroids winning the case. So, I look forward to swapping story’s and info to help improve our workouts.

All this post did was confuse me. What are you saying?

I think some one replaced your test with lsd bro

What the hell are you talking about? Are you telling me your on gear and are only 165lbs… Please tell me that’s not what your saying.

This has to be the most incomprehensible, most useless most in this sub-forum ever. Congratu-fucking-lations OP, you have made the T-Nation book of stupidity.

This is my favoritest post ever.