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A Man Apart

For you movie freaks out there, or Vin Diesel fans for that matter, I saw A Man Apart last weekend and it was a pretty damn good action flick. I’m not saying Oscar material as far as plotline goes or anything, but it had some pretty kick ass twists and good scenes. I’m a little biased maybe because I think Vin kicks ass, but I’d still recommend it to kill a couple of hours and get your adrenaline and T pumped up.

Vin Diesel is a horrible actor…(ie XXX). Probably the most un-intelligent movie ever made in terms of dialog. But, if you are into “popcorn” movies, I suppose Vinnie movies are the way to go. To be honest, there havnt been many good movies out lately. I cant wait for The Matrix Reloaded to come out!!! Now THAT will be an action movie!

I don’t think Vin is much of an actor by any means, don’t get me wrong. I just think he kind of personifies a modern Arnold or Stallone (oh man here it comes - I’m probably gonna’ get flamed for comparing him to Arnold). Could either of these two guys act? Hell no. Did they both do some really shitty movies? Yep. But did they also do some kick ass action packed T pumpin’ films? Hell Yeah! I just recommended the film for it’s entertainment value, or as Tony better said a “popcorn” flick.

Oh yeah, and second on that Matrix shout out…(drools while watching the trailer over and over again)…

I believe Diesel to be a good actor, but has been handed horrible material. He was good in Pitch Black (carried that movie on his shoulders, IMO), and Boiler Room.

Both of those flicks had decent scripts and directing. Something XXX and Fast and Furious did not.

As for “A Man Apart”? There’s other movies I’d rather see before I see this, if I ever see this. The plot is very “ordinary”, nothing new or of interest to pique my attention.

And Stallone WAS a good actor. Check out “Rocky” or “The Lords of Flatbush”. Schwarzenegger displayed decent acting chops in “Predator” and is a exceptional comic actor.

Wow. Today is a rare day. Not only am I bothering to read a thread about some flick or another, but I’m actually going to agree with Patricia on something. Vin did carry Pitch Black (and not because I get squishy thinking about him either). I thought it was definitely a made-for-TV movie, albeit with some cool sets/effects, and he was definitely well suited to the character. While I think he’s a “natural” for the badass role, I would love to see him expand his repetoire.

Damn, gonna have to check to see what patterns the stars are making and jot it down… :wink:

Who cares whether he can act or not. It’s all about entertainment.

Vin acts tough and looks cool in his movies. They may not be good, but at least it’s entertaining.

“Mini-Vin Diesel ready for action.”

Patricia made some great points, so I guess I need to reiterate what I was saying somewhat. Diesel did do one hell of a job in Boiler Room. That’s actually one of my favorite movies. I agree that if the guy were given better scripts and directors to work with, he could be capable of a whole lot more. I never saw Pitch Black so I can’t comment on that. And I also agree that Rocky (the original) was another display of fairly good acting. I guess sometimes I just tend to be a little too critical as I used to be a theatre major. I wasn’t really trying to say that any of those three guys (Vin, Arnold, Stallone) are bad actors. I was just trying, albeit poorly, to make the point that they’ve all done some movies that didn’t go far in the acting department but were still a hell of a lot fun.

Vin was good, as noted, in, ‘Pitch Black,’ and, ‘Boiler Room.’ In addition to those he turned in a perfectly accepatble performance in, “Saving Private Ryan,” and has also written and directed two films, ‘Strays,’ and a short from 1994 called, ‘Muti-Facial,’ which is supposed to be very good or as one extract from review on IMDB.com says…

‘This is what short, independent films should be like. This is the first movie for Vin Diesel, and it allows for tremendous insight in to the man himself. Vin, who’s real name is Michael Vincent, wrote, produced, and directed this movie. It appears to be not only a slice of his life, but short biography. The title, “MULTI-FACIAL” is a play on the term “Multi-Racial.” As, Vin Diesel explains in the movie, he is half white, and half black. And, despite his awesome acting talent and dedication to his craft’

Go over and check out the user reviews for ‘Multi Facial,’ most are very flattering.

Might see that one, I dunno.

He was great in ‘Pitch Black’, ok in ‘Fast & Furious’ but ‘XXX’ was pretty horrific. I wasn’t expecting much and I was still cringing in my seat.

I agree with Patricia. He’d be great if he’d only make better choices.

There was also an interview with Vin once where he said Speilberg had seen the movie “MultiFacial” that Vin acted/directed in, and was so impressed he not only gave Vin a part in ‘Saving Private Ryan’, but also let him direct one of the second camera units.

The guy’s got talent, now only if he can make more movies that showcase it…