A MAG-10 Stack w/ 6 week supply + Methoxy and Tribex

Becuase of the Biotest buy 2, get 1 free deal, I would imagine many people will end up with 3 bottles of MAG-10. From what I understand, this equates to a 6 week supply. What would be the best way to stack MAG-10 with a 6 week supply, assuming you are going to use Methoxy-7 and Tribex stacked for either inbetween MAG-10 phases or post-cycle?


You answered your own question- use Tibex and methoxy-7 either between two week MAG-10 cycles or after a 6 week MAX-10 cycle. I don’t think anyone knows a “best way” yet since no one had tried it outside of Biotest staff. I’m doing the long cycle myself, probably 8 weeks coming off with Tribex and either “M” if out yet or vitex.