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A low GI carb source???

Does anyone know of a carb supplement that has a low glycemic index? All i seem to run into is dextrose and maltodextrin of which both will spike insulin levels. I was going to write to t-mag, but i thought i’d try the masses.

one that i found with a reported gi of 5 was agave nectar. you can find it at a health/ natural foods store. it tastes like honey and you can mix it with whatever.

Fructose is sold as a sweetener/carb in powder form.

thanks for the input! I was thinking of using a LOW GI carb supplement + protein factory to make a cheap MRP.

…You mean a liquid carb supplement right?Why not try fruit sugar(fructose)applejuice has a real low glycemic index,so does pear juice.Please read Cy Willson’s great article on fructose Issue#95"The Forbidden Fruit?" for better understanding of this sugar.

Thanks for your input. Yes that was a good article. I was thinking along the lines of a powdered supplement though.