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A Lot of Volume on Deltoids


I have a question regarding volume when it comes to training delts. Because shoulders are my weak point i increased volume by A LOT.

Monday i am doing:

Military Press - 8/8/8 (+ 1 set by the end of 3 week)
Cuban Rotation - 20/20/20/20


OHP behind head - 15/15/15 (+1 set by the end of 3 week)
Lateral raises - 20/20/20/20
Lateral raises bent over - 25/25/25/25

Obviously i didn’t write my whole training plan. Just exercises where i am training deltoids. Simple question - is it too much? Thanks.

What results are you seeing?

I started doing it only a month ago. So far not a lot of changes :smiley:

Are you training chest?



Bench Press (with pause) 6/6/6 (1-st week, 5/5/5/6 - 2nd week, 4/4/4/4 - 3rd week)


Bench Press 8/8/8/8 (1-st week, 6/6/6/6, 2-nd week, 4/4/4/4/4/4 - 3rd week)
Dumbell bench press - 15/15/15 (1,2 week, 3-rd week - 15/15/15/15)

You might want to factor that into the mix…since the front deltoids will be getting some stimulating from pressing.

You think its too much?

Are you squatting with a bar across your shoulders?

I have a home gym. Because of lack of rack for squats - i am only doing Zercher Squats.

At second glance… It isn’t overly extreme.

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What does your weekly split look like?

Monday - Upper Body.
Tuesday - Legs + bicep.
Wednesday - Rest day.
Thursday - Push (upper body)
Friday - Rest Day.
Saturday - Pull (legs) + bicep
Sunday - Rest Day.

Thanks. Is it best however to decrease reps/sets to some extent or you think it can stay as it is?

Are your shoulders feeling beat up or sore? Or are you recovering and ready to go workout to workout?

Are you able to progress, or add more weight or reps workout to workout? Or have you been mucking around with the same weights and reps all month?

3 weeks ago i did 8/6/6 on Monday in Military Press. I didn’t add more weight as i usually do, just waited until i do 8/8/8 as planned. I managed to do it yesterday. However, i regressed a bit in cuban rotation. Progressed with OHP behind head and lateral raises. Shoulders don’t feel sore.

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For clarification on you have 4 x 8 listed. Are you doing sets of 8 working up to a top set of 8? Or 4 working sets of 8 with the same weight?

For example - 15/15/15 - i mean by that 3 sets of 15 reps.
Yeah i do it with the same amount of weight. I add weights from week to week. Never from set to set.

If you’re feeling good, and progressing according to your plan, your Volume is probably OK. Like the number of sets (15 for shoulders) is “good.”

But if your shoulders aren’t growing, something isn’t right! In my opinion it’s the rep ranges you are using for your shoulder moves. The majority of your sets are 20-25 reps. I think that’s too much work with light weights.

Try doing some of your medial delt raises and rear delt raises, with more weight, going for 10-12 reps per set.

Also consider doing the same thing with your Press Behind the Neck. Don’t go crazy, but think about using slightly heavier weights for slightly fewer reps.

I know high reps are proven to work just as well as low reps for growing muscles, but I think it’s a mistake to use high high reps for 80% of your shoulder work.


Hmm, perhaps you’re right. I might try increasing weight enough to do 10-12 reps instead of 20+ in my next session. Thank you.

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What’s with the fear of overdoing it on these forums lately?

I’d have to calculate it, but I’d guestimate my weekly volume on delts is 4x this per week! :rofl: