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A Lot of Vegetables to Stay Full/Keep Calories Low?

So the actual plan is to lose body fat.
So Im reading some articles about diet and a lot of them have few things in common such as a lot of vegetables, if you’re lifter make sure you’re filled with protein to avoid muscle loss, and ofc caloric deficit, maybe I missed some…

So the questions is with my weight and height aka 100kg (somewhere 217 pounds) and 187cm
I need approx 2.900 calories to maintain weight and approx 2.400 to lose weight. Im sticking to approx 2.100-2.300 calories those are calories that I can actually somehow count, and Im sparing the rest 200-300 calories that are count as hiden, spicies, oil on salad, oil while making eggs / steaks.

So lets go to the point if I eat a lot of vegetables, some fruit, honestly I don’t feel hungry a lot and if I would eat like that and calculate calories I would be somewhere 1000-1500, very low protein. How does body respond to that? Muscle loss is one of them, I guess with that much caloric deficit body doesn’t want to burn fat? On long term there would be some health problems? So can someone educate me a bit more about that? My current diet is as I mentioned from 2100-2300 calories (idk how to count spicies, oil so I guess Im bit more than what I said), approx 240g protein daily, somewhere 60g carbs (some are from sugar “hiden” in milk, greek yogurt…), and 90-100 fats (trying to keep them healthly, some nuts, fats from oat meal, eggs,Cheese?) Am I on right way? Im keeping carbs low before gym, and have some carbs after such as oatmeal, planning to add brown toast. Lifting is 3x per week whole body legs/deadlift chest/shoulder biceps/triceps and 2x HIIT, 2 rest days

If you need more info let me know
Thanks for answers in advance.