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A Lot Of Side Effects Are All In Your Head

I think it’s crazy how in tune your brain is with your body. There was a study that showed pretending to be sick could actually give you symptoms of sickness, and I have noticed from my own experiences and seemingly a lot of posts on this forum that this is no different when it comes to AAS use. My first cycle was Test E 500 Mg/wk… my gear was bunk. Either stupidly underdosed (like 10% of what it was supposed to be) or completely fake. I thought I had high E2 sides, I thought I was developing ED, mood swings, etc…

ED is a big one because of how important your brain is when it comes to your penis. New users, keep this in mind when running AAS. Try your best to stay objective about whether or not you’re really experiencing what you think you are. It’s easy to overthink and get anxious.


This could VERY easily apply to the TRT thread of this forum too… many say "I was taking 5mg ed, raised to 6mg daily, freaked out… now I need 5.5 mg daily… like nope, you’re problem isn’t TRT here… and unless you REALLY need it… stop with the daily injection BS (unless it’s esterified gear with a very short HL)

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ED = erectile dysfunction

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With TRT it made a difference for me. If you don’t have issues that warrant going the extra mile then don’t do it but it does make a difference.

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My wife has been fighting off a nasty chest cold. I have woken up with symptoms two days in a row. “Are you getting sick?” she asked. “Nope.” Lo and behold I continue to not be sick. I may be fighting off an infection, but telling yourself you’re not sick actually goes a long way to making you feel better. The mind is powerful.

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This is ridiculously true

I believe this proposition to be true. The mind is a powerful phenomenon. After I read tour post I reflected on the myriad deca discussion threads where several claim to have ED…perhaps it’s simply in their head…

I strongly believe in the placebo effect and I try to use it to my advantage.

I personally believe these hypochondriac AAS users are having issues for the attention. I know some genuinely have some issues but you all know the type I am talking about.

Years ago before my AAS days I use to work on the road with oil and gas production exploration. Basically I got really well paid to go to little towns and research who owned what rights under a given piece of property. I had some extra curricular drug experience from college but nothing crazy and certainly not meth. I met this little 5’1 blonde fake tittied cutie in a small town in Oklahoma. I later realized she had to have been using meth but I didn’t realize it at the time. Thanks to my upbringing I have no rational line when it comes to unacceptable behavior from others. Any who she was a hypochondriac and it was all for attention. She had had an opiot addiction a few years prior and she still could have idk. She always had it in her head that she was constipated (a side effect of opiots) so she always took miralax. She was always so focused and worried about what was wrong with her she gave herself ulcers, I am sure the drug use contributed. So basically she started saying she had stomach pains for attention and it could have been withdrawals or opiot constipation but she did it so long she actually gave herself ulcers.

If you have a buddy who freaks out at the tiniest sign of something that might be a side effect of AAS, be a pal and try to distract him then afterwards point out that if it had been a real side something different would have happened. We all were new to this world once and I guarantee we all over thought way too much about what we could possibly make a mistake at so be cool to newbs. When it comes to those attention seeking idiots, I say stoke the fire maybe they will either stop seeking attention or stop the AAS use and we don’t need them making us look bad.

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