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A Lot of Freetime. What to Do in Gym?


Hi TN!

Well due to construction at our school where i live, i can only go to wieghtlifing gym thuesday and thursday.

I have build a sled which i use as much as possible - theres alot of freetime at our school where people are chilling ALOT - therefore im looking for something to do (exercises, technique) that will benefit me when going to thailand for training MMA in 10 months from now.

Hit me with whatever you feel i could use.

Thanks and best regards!!


Run. Pushups. Shadowbox.


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You could try studying


you have plenty of options regarding body weight exercises besides skill training

Ross Enamait is an awesome source for that.


yeah never gymless was pretty descent


You're going to Thailand to learn MMA? Whaaaaaaaaaat?


I would not go to thailand to learn MMA either, then I think you can't go wrong with the US.


Tiger Muay Thai and Phuket Top Team are good places to learn MMA from thailand, besides being cheap even if you are advanced you can learn plenty from there.


i myself am looking into heading over to tiger in sept 2012