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A Lone Wolf, or Just a Lonely Pup? SvenG's Training Log

Mate this is a seriously good effort. Had my bicep tendon not been so shitty last week and I used full ROM I would be no where near this. great job.

Keep going man, your consistency is definitely paying off

Edit: Forgot to ask, how is the sled?

Thanks, man! I really love this workout, and I’m progressing to boot.

Feeling better than average so far this week, that’s for sure!

The sled is great—really happy with the purchase and how it moves on the asphalt. I’m also looking forward to integrating into my training as “hard conditioning” in 5/3/1 in a few weeks.

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BDWP - PI - c1w4d3 - 77.5% tmax (deload)

Wednesday - 09 June 2021
Workout: Pull 2, 0905-0950-1015 (45 + 25 minutes)

a) Leg curl - dset - 70x6, 85x6 | 95x6 + 70x8 + 55x10
b) EZ pullover - mtor - 55x6, 65x6 | 70x6 + isofail: 17s
c) CS DB row - hdrp - 30x8, 35x8 | 40x(8+4+3)
d) Preacher curl - mtor - 65x6, 75x6 | 90x6 + isofail: 25s
e) CC - mtor - 45x6, 55x6 | 60x6 + isofail: 61s
f) SPU - 3x10 - purple
g) KB swing - 5x20s/40s - 16kg - 14, 15, 14, 15, 15
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

30-minute walk during kids’ swimming practice yesterday; would’ve gone longer (because, why not? nothing better to do while I wait), but got caught in a torrential downpour, got soaked to the bone. Was kind of fun, actually, and didn’t mind once I was wet, but lightening nearby said it was time to stop.

35-minute walk this morning, breakfast, workout.

Another good workout today, though extra conditioning felt a bit off. Was really focusing on letting the KB pull me through on the swings, so I ended up dropping a rep on the first and third sets. HR was lower, too, but finished the rounds above 160 and kept it in the upper 120s/lower 130s throughout the ride. Might jump up to the 20-kg KB next time.

Overdid the pre-bed carbs last night: hard to tell how much it was that my body needed them because of the great work yesterday, or how much my mind wanted them because dry Cheerios and granola just taste good. Woke up feeling leaner in any case, so… Moving on.

Going to try a dry-run workout with the sled a bit later today; have to pickup the kids from school soon—early dismissal, last day for them! Hopefully the weather cooperates and the rain holds off long enough for me to get it in. Fingers crossed!


Wednesday - 09 June 2021
Workout: Supplemental

Sled push - 177 lbs total, 16x50 yds
Time: 15:23

So I’m not sure if its the plastic skis, the asphalt, the weight, or some combination, but that workout was easier than I expected: basically something just less than bodyweight for 800 yards in less than 16 minutes.

The 50 yards I’m counting is actually 28 yards up an incline, which is hard, and 28 yards back down the incline, which is much easier. Maybe that’s it? Because I get a short rest on the return trip?

Oh, and I double-checked my measurements: 28 yards is correct.

I was sweaty, my heart rate was up, I was breathing deeply, and my legs, lower back, and shoulders could feel the work. But I kept below a one-minute roundtrip on average and in reality.

Perhaps this work is the type of work one feels the next day or the day after or something? Or maybe because I’ll be doing them after 5/3/1 squats and deads it’ll be much harder? Now that I’ve had that realization, I’m guessing that’s it (or contributes).

Not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it… But I now have a benchmark and a goal to beat.

Take home message: It’s a great workout, I continue to be very happy with the purchase, and I’m really going to like doing these twice a week. The way it feels right now, though, I’m going to have a hard time not doing these a lot more often than that!


BDWP - PI - c1w4d4 - 77.5% tmax (deload)

Thursday - 10 June 2021
Workout: Push 2, 0805-0855-0920 (50 + 25 minutes)

a) Leg ext - dset - 120x6, 140x6 | 160x6 + 120x8 + 90x10
b) Pec flye - mtor - 30x6, 35x6 | 40x6 + isofail: 27s
c) Z press - hdrp - 65x6, 75x6 | 90x(6+3+2)
d) Dip - hdrp - 40x6, 45x6 | 55x(6+3+2)
e) SL CR - 15x6, 20x6 | 25x6 + isofail: 36s
f) Quad vac - 3x60s
g) Thruster - 5x20s/40s - 15 - 17, 17, 17, 17, 17
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

50-minute walk yesterday after dinner, 35 minutes this morning, breakfast, workout.

Slept really hard, woke up groggy, had to get going earlier than usual. Didn’t feel great going in, feel okay now that it’s done. Everything involving legs today felt heavy and slow—yesterday’s sled push workout did the trick. Hit 17 reps in all thruster rounds, HR above 160 after second round, nearly hit 170 by the end, stayed in upper 120s/lower 130s for the duration of the ride.

Edit: Hit another 35-minute walk during kids’ morning summer team swim practice; that’s an hour ten for the day, but may still do a short one after dinner 'cause I’m cool like that.


Yes. You. Are! :grinning:

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LOL! Thanks for that.

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Thursday - 10 June 2021
Workout: Supplemental

Sled push - 177 lbs total, 16x50 yds
Time: 14:31

Almost a minute better than yesterday. I expect to keep reducing time for a bit yet, as I’m starting to get the hang of this work.

Kept my arms by my sides this time, easier on the shoulders this way. Not sure I like it, though.


Thought I’d quote this back here, to have the discussion. Trying to figure out how each of your kids work is just about the hardest thing. It doesn’t help that we have pre conceived ideas as to how we think they should behave or think the should be like. My three are all so different and as he get older figuring them out and dealing with them gets harder. I am not sure about your position but our sons are same age so I will talk about my experience.
We have 3 kids, 2 girls then a boy. All are very different but if I was to think about it in the simple terms of how easy they are to parent, it would be in age order. Oldest was always easy right from birth, second was harder and my boy is harder again. Now thinking about that I wonder how much if that is more to do with how we as parents have coped with the extra work and stress of having more children. Just looking at it logically, 2 parents to 1 child = easy, 2 parents to 2 children harder but mostly manageable, 2 parent to 3 children much harder. You cant be in 2 places at once so you always feel like you are part parenting at least one of the kids.
So really how much of my sons issues are nature and how much is nurture ? We are trying hard to be consistent with him and use positive re-enforcement to develop good behavior patterns but its not easy and isn’t always working. Other than be better and keep trying not sure there is much more we can do.

Talked about this when I was studying developmental psychology - orchids and dandelions. My youngest is a dandelion - he’ll grow anywhere, in any conditions. Learning is easy and stress free. My eldest is an orchid - needs just the right conditions to thrive.

The tough part is knowing how hard to push them or how much to ease up. Just because the youngest learns fast, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be encouraged to work hard, and just because the eldest finds it stressful to learn, doesn’t mean he can get away without putting in the effort. All we can do is try to make sure that when we’re asking for more, it’s not for our benefit. They don’t need to do well in school because of how other kids in their class or our social circles are doing, they need to do well because it opens doors for them.

Shaming your kids or using other kids as comparisons is an age-old technique, but it’s damaging.


BDWP - PI - c1w4d5 - 77.5% tmax (deload)

Friday - 11 June 2021
Workout: Pull 3, 0745-0835-0900 (50 + 25 minutes)

a) Cable kickback - mtor - Xx6, 5x6 | 10x6 + isofail: 32s
b) Sup lat pulldown - dset - 90x6, 105x6 | 120x6 + 90x8 + 70x10
c) Cable row - mtor - 80x6, 95x6 | 105x6 + isofail: 25s
d) DB hammer - dset - 20x6, 25x6 | 30x6 + 25x8 + 20x10
e) CC - mtor - 45x6, 55x6 | 60x6 + isofail: 62s
f) SPU - 3x10 - purple
g) KB swing - 5x20s/40s - 20kg - 14, 14, 13, 13, 13
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

Got another walk in after dinner yesterday, 20 minutes—short, sweet, barefoot, in the snow, and uphill both ways.

Oh, and I cut the grass—also barefoot, in the snow, and uphill both ways.

Appetite was through the roof, and by the end of the day I had consumed what amounted to a fourth meal: blueberries, strawberries, Skyr, broccoli, and deli ham. Not out-of-control, not junk food—reasonable, moderate amounts of reasonable, nutritious food.

35-minute walk this morning, breakfast, workout.

Today was a slog, but just over a week until vacation, so the train will just keep chugging.

Moved up to the 20-kg KB for swings today, really liked that: will have to work harder to move it fast, but not bad for the first time through with that one in quite awhile. HR was above 160 after third round and hovered around 130 during the bike ride.


Too often I find myself expecting each of them to behave like me—and not just me as an 8- or 10-year-old kid, but 42-year-old me. That’s so wrong for so many reasons… But awareness is half the battle, so I like to think that I’ve become much better at letting them just be themselves now that I’ve realized my expectations are often skewed.


I think we’re all guilty of doing that at some point with other people in general

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Yes, for sure—the part about “not for our benefit” particularly so!

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I was e-mailing a friend yesterday about this forum and explained that one of the things I love about it is how accountable you can make yourself to a bunch of very kind strangers who support your efforts, however different from theirs.

The psychological effect is cultishly powerful, but what makes this community different from a cult is that everyone wants you to succeed at YOUR goals, not theirs.

I think this is the holy grail of child-rearing too: you want your kids to become THEIR best selves, not YOUR best self.


Friday - 10 June 2021
Workout: Supplemental

Sled push - 177 lbs total, 16x50 yds
Time: 15:16

So much for continuing to improve—slipped back toward my initial time today. It’s done, and I’ll come back at it again tomorrow…

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BDWP - PI - c1w4d6 - 77.5% tmax (deload)

Saturday - 12 June 2021
Workout: Push 3, 0750-0840-0905 (50 + 25 minutes)

a) DB split squat - mtor - 30x6, 35x6 | 40x6 + isofail: 27s
b) Inc DB press - dset - 45x6, 55x6 | 60x6 + 45x8 + 35x10
c) Inc front raise - mtor - 12x6, 15x6 | 20x6 + isofail: 25s
d) Rope pushdown - dset - 20x6, 25x6 | 30x6 + 25x8 + 20x10
e) SL CR - mtor - 15x6, 20x6 | 25x6 + isofail: 40s
f) Supine vac - 3x60s
g) Thruster - 5x20s/40s - 15 - 17, 17, 17, 17, 18
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

Didn’t walk after dinner yesterday, but I did spend the afternoon walking around the amusement park—that counts, right?

Totally cheated last night: pizza and broccoli for dinner, then lots of sugary snacks before bed. We didn’t eat anything at the park (though the food smelled enticing), so I ended up waiting too long for any kind of food so when we got home, I just ate (and ate and ate).

Should’ve been better prepared—that behavior is predictable. But aside from my guts talking back a little this morning, I actually felt really good heading into this morning’s walk and workout.

35-minute walk this morning, then straight into workout—no breakfast. Not premeditated, just not hungry and feeling good, so why not?

Workout itself was good. Splits squats at 3251 tempo just suck, weight doesn’t seem to matter much. Thrusters started slow, but I actually hit 18 reps in the last round. Maybe it was 17.5, but we’ll call it 18. HR above 160 after second round, didn’t quite break 170 by the end. I’m recovering much faster, because it was in low 120s by the time I jumped on the bike 75 seconds later, and I had to work a bit to keep it in the upper 120s for the ride today.

That one’s in the books. This time next week we’ll be driving to the beach, so I just need to keep steaming ahead. I can still make a lot of progress over the next six days!

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