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A Log of Powerlifting Awesomeness


I keep saying I'm going to get a log up and running, so here it is finally.

I just competed in my first powerlifting meet a few weeks ago. My lifts were:
335 squat (20lb PR)
250 Bench (15lb PR)
450 Deadlift (25lb PR)
this was in the 198lb weight class, raw.

I believe my next competition will be a deadlifting competition at a local sports festival this summer where I hope to hit a 500lb deadlift. I'm still on the look out for a full meet somewhere close to me that I can do, probably in the fall.

I'm currently following 5/3/1 but I have my eye on sheiko, and I may be trying it one of these days. My next post will be a little bit about my training and life history, feel free to skip that post and go right into my training haha.


My whole life I was the fat kid, at my worst I was close to 300 pounds of pure fat. I got into lifting and started losing the weight, but I've never really gotten as lean as I would like.

After about a year of spinning my wheels and dealing with hormone issues from trying to lose weight and not getting anywhere (not eating enough while trying to lose weight), I started a bulk at 180lbs and gained 20 pounds in about 5-6 months. I added plenty of weight onto my lifts which had been stuck for awhile and it has been great.

I did my first powerlifting meet and didn't miss a single attempt, while setting some personal records. I plan on bulking for a little while longer before attempting to drop back down to the 181 pound weight class where I would fare a little better.

If I decide to bulk up to 220, then I may only cut back to the 198lb weight class. Either way I don't want to be over 198 for my competition this summer. I don't think I can justify letting myself compete in the 220's for awhile until I get my bodyfat down a bit more.

Bulking was really the right decision, because it has fixed problems I was having with sleep, testosterone, and just generally feeling like crap everyday.

At 200 pounds I feel I don't really look any fatter than I was at 180, so it has really helped to get me to realize that I need to focus on getting stronger more, and not fear putting back on some weight. I must admit that I am scared to try to cut weight again though haha.


My current goals:
Short term (1 year): 500lb deadlift, 405 squat, and 315 bench

Slightly longer term (3-5 years): Start standing a chance at winning competitions

Long term (As long as it takes): Break a powerlifting record, even if it's in the 80 year old age category (currently 22 years old haha)

Over the next couple of months I will be bulking before making an attempt at cutting some weight again while trying to maintain my lifts. It would be awesome to get at least a little lean so that I don't have to worry so much about getting too too fat and being in too high of a weight class for my strength level.