A Locker Room Tale

Okay, so I’m in the locker room yesterday, and a guy comes walking in. I’m changing into my street clothes to leave, he’s preparing to change into his gym clothes. I barely even notice him show up, being concerned primarily with packing up my shit.

Then he turns to me and says, “Are you singing the theme from Kim Possible?”

Once I hear him say this, two things run through my mind.

First, the guy has just about the most stereotypically gay voice you can have without lisping.

Second, that I have indeed been unconsciously singing the theme from Kim Possible in the locker room.

So I get that deer-in-headlights look, like we all get whenever we get caught doing something so monumentally stupid that we can barely believe we were doing it, and then decide to play it off. So I say, “Of course not. Whyever would you think that?”

Which doesn’t fool him one bit, as he leans over and stage-whispers “I watch it too!”

So we share a bit of a geek moment about this, and as I’m picking up my bag to go, he says “Maybe we could work out together sometime.”

But not exactly like that; more like:

“Maybe we could (…pause…) work out together (…pause…) sometime.”

Which explains the voice, I guess.

So I just shrug and say “Maybe,” then get my butt out of the locker room.

I thought this was pretty funny, so I figured I’d share. At least gay men think I’m worth hitting on; that says something, I guess.

Or maybe it’s just that straight guys don’t watch Kim Possible.

while i don’t set my VCR to tape it, i certainly catch bits and pieces of the occasional Kim Possible. sleepless nights, twelve year old daughter, family time, family fare.

besides, why should men be relegated to male heroic figures, when there are so many female heroic figures as well.

that would be more frightening than funny if it happened to me…but if it happens to someone else, its pretty funny

hopefully you don’t meet him again in the gym…unless u wanna work out your anus

I’m straight, and I watch Kim Possible. I have a four year old though.

Me Solomon Grundy

[quote]Solomon Grundy wrote:
I’m straight, and I watch Kim Possible. I have a four year old though.

Me Solomon Grundy[/quote]

The four year old has to be watching it for it to count as an excuse SG.

I just watch pretty much every cartoon that comes on… except Bob the Builder… damn him.


OK I have a TV but only use it for watching videos–its basically not hooked up.

Sooo what is “kim possible”?

Was kinda hoping from Dave’s note and the several mentions of young children that you’d figure out it is a children’s cartoon.

But maybe I’m crazy…

you know, i was feeling like a wimp…until i read this thread…

Me Not Solomon Grundy

Kim Possible is a T-Vixen. So, what’s the problem?


What heroic female figures? She-ra? My mom? pffff, I’ve never considered any women as a heroic figure…fine, I might have admired some of them (Curie and ,errr Penny from Inspector Gadget)but never seen one as heroic.


You guys ever talk with your old buds about the cartoons you used to watch when you were kids? “Do you remember so-and so” and the like. Couldn’t imagine doing that with Kim Possible. Thundercats - yes, Powepuff girls - no. Samurai Jack, damn right.

I agree Porkchop, but Kim Possible pales into comparison besides the awesomeness of The Justice League featuring Wonder Woman!

bikerbob, Wonder Woman was gifted with special powers by the gods. Kim Possible is simply confident, courageous, and persistent. While WW may have “cooler” powers and costumes, Kim Possible is more of a role model… simply because she’s got something people CAN model. You can’t develop gifts from the gods, except perhaps through arcane rituals and human sacrifice, which I don’t particularly want to encourage in today’s youth.

And BMF, have you forgotten Buffy the Vampire Slayer? That show was full of heroic figures for women to emulate; Buffy, Faith, Willow, Drusilla… especially Drusilla. Okay, maybe that’s just me wishing.

As far as discussing cartoons with your friends, I think the major question is whether your friends are intelligent enough to go beyond whether it’s “a baby show” or “a girly show”. If they’re not, and you are, maybe you need new friends.

Animation in America is really starting to pick up some of the sensibilities of anime, along with rediscovering a cross-generational appeal that was previously restricted to Bullwinkle. A lot of that is simple marketing: since parents are now encouraged to watch these shows and “pre-approve” them for their children’s consumption, it bodes well for a show if the parents think it’s funny.

After all, most of us need an excuse to watch Fairly Oddparents or My Life as a Teenage Robot… like “the kids are watching it”. Me, I just watch the show. I don’t need an excuse; I’m an adult, I can watch whatever I want. So can you.


I saw a comedian once who was talking about how uncomfortable guys are when they’re hit on by another guy. “But”, he says, “if your friend is getting checked out, you wonder, hey, why not me?”

Vanity at its finest.

[quote]ShortDave wrote:
I just watch pretty much every cartoon that comes on… except Bob the Builder… damn him.


My three year old son loves Bob the Builder. Can we fix it? Yes we can! I think I’m going to go insane if I see one more Bob the Builder cartoon. Damn him is right!

My only discomfort with gay men’s advances is that some of them try to use homophobia as a weapon. It goes something like this.

Gay guy: “Do you want to come back to my place, bouncy-bouncy?”

Straight guy: “No, I’m straight.”


While most gay men are much more mature than this sort of high-school bullshit, I’m not comfortable with the risk. You really can’t win in that situation.

Yeah, I work out at the U of Toronto gym, which is quite tolerant. No beef with gay dudes, but Im not into that. I get hit on a lot though, which makes me really uncomfortable. One day this guy is really persistent, alternately saying shit like “Don’t knock till you’ve tried it” or calling me a homophobe. So I showed him - I gave him the Double-Dip Cream Dream Supreme, followed by a San Francisco Pile Driver. Just kidding - I told him that if he didn’t leave me alone I was going to get his membership revoked. He didn’t stop, so I did exactly that. Now I can finally soap up my ass in the shower after a workout in peace.

The only cartoons it is acceptable for a grown man to watch are The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, and maybe Family Guy. No exceptions (although I have never seen SpongeBob, so I can’t comment there).

DrS… You poor, poor misguided soul.

Almost all cartoons are great for a grown man to watch. With the exception of that nefarious “BOB” and others that fall into his evil genre that is trying to take the joy out of being a child, and annoy parents to death.

The simple point of most cartoons is humour.
off-topic sidenote Listening to Judas Priest and they just let out a KILLER metal yell… I just thought I’d share. *end off-topic sidenote_

And humour is great for you, laughing and smiling and chuckling and every sort of happiness can only do good things for you, have you ever seen anybody worry about anything while watching cartoons? no and you know why? They are caught in the moment, which is a beautiful thing.

Oh yeah, to prove the point, I was enjoying the cartoon side-plot of this thread so much that I forgot about the gay guy in the begining, so when I read the responses to the Gay part of the thread, I had no idea what was going on. Cartoons own me.


Watch the sponge… it is worth it