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A Little Warning


Never, ever, EVER sneeze when you are in the process of pulling out a pin. I nearly ripped off my ass cheek and now feel like a bowling ball has taken up residence in my butt. Ouch:frowning: It would’ve been funny if it wasn’t so bloody sore. It’s the first bad injection I’ve had in 6 years. It’s so bad I had to give up squatting today because of the pain. Any advice to ease the discomfort?

Use an anti-imflammatory (painkiller) and ice it. I had a really bad quad injection recently, the above advice made a huge diiference. Also try not to stretch it out only makes things worse.

[quote]T1gNaL1 wrote:
Also try not to stretch it out only makes things worse.[/quote]

I definitely don’t think the squats helped today. I can barely sit down due to the pain. Bloody sneeze came out of nowhere! I don’t even have a cold, so go figure.

Oh man I feel both of your pain. I found out the hard way why 3.2 ml’s in the quad is a lil much. I couldn’t bend my leg for a day (at the worst point) cause of the pain and swelling. Ice made a huge difference.

I sat on a bag of frozen peas most of last night and it seems to have done the job. The real test will be doing squats today!!!