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A little strength cycle with the big three


I wanted to do a litle strength cycle for the big three for the last 4 weeks while I'm on var.. Here's what it would look like"
Day 1:
Bench 5x5
Squat 3x8
Cleans 3x5
Rows 3x8

Day 2:
Squat 5x5
Push Press 3x3
Bench 3x12
pull-ups 2xmax

Day 3
Cleans 5x3
Bench 3x8
Squat 3x12
Rows 3x8

Day 4-- light day
Bench 8x3 with 60% max
Squat 8x3 with 60% max
Push Press 3x5 with 60% max

How does that look? I'm looking just to add as much strength as i can to my main lift for these last 4 weeks while on var.. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


If your going to strength, ditch the 5x5 program, and hitup a higher set, lower rep scheme. Watch yourself and don't burn yourself out on those lifts. Implement some special exercises that mirror to the bench press and squat and rotate those each week. Good mornings, deadlift variations, etc Floor Press, 1 board press, pin presses, etc. Make sure you hit the prime movers in those exercises.

Good luck.


Also, doing squat and bench every single day is a bad idea. Take a look at some westside articles here by Dave Tate. Take a look at his program in the Eight Keys IV I believe, and follow the first few weeks of that, or follow that, and rotate your max effort movements with the other special exercises Dave explains in that Eight Keys series.


You can do training programs utilizing the main lifts multiple times per week. Looking at the Smolov squat and the whole Sheiko style of thing shows it can be done. Its just a lot easier to over do it, so careful manegment of volume and intensity is required.