a little story

Okay this is way off topic, but I have to post it. I was in the store yesterday picking up my new vice, “diet vanilla pepsi”, when I noticed a colorful candy stand to my left. Upon further investigation I came to find out it was for the new white chocolate, dark chocolate, and honey roasted reeses peanut butter cups. AS my jaw dropped I felt the ravings for the carb fat combo kick in. I was strong though, instead I told the group home kids I work with about them and they quickly ran into the store and each purchased a pack to tease me with, I made sure to smell the cups and observe them closely. Good stuff, I dont know when my next cheat day will be, but I do know I will be picking up a pack of those for dessert. I just wanted to share that story with you all. I have one question though, am I normal?

Obviously. I doubt they’re marketing those things to deviants.

Depends, are you dieting for a specific purpose (competition), or just to lose some weight?