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A Little Story From the Gym


There is a guy who is doing lat pulldowns at a gym and is letting the stack drop at the end of each set, making a lot of noise. It seems to bother alot some big bloated red guy nearby. At his last set (or maybe it wasnt) he let the weight drops from the highest point. Now the big guy jumps on him and grap his face with one hand and punch him three time in the face with the other.

The guy is now lying on the floor with his face covered in blood. As an excuse the agressor says that it happens to him when he start a new cycle. Now I wasnt a direct witness but you can't make this up. I hope someone is pressing charge by the way.

He was also known for pushing down a guy that did too much noise when squatting.

We don't talk alot about this side of steroids usage on these forum. It turns idiot with issues into public danger. That is why I am against steroids. I have also some personnal experiences in the past with short-fused steroids guys who wanted to attack me for ridiculous reasons. It usually have something to do with them feeling that their ''Alpha Male'' status is challenged by some smaller guy who lifts more.

Now I am not saying everyone is like that. I am sure lot of people do okay with them and they can do whatever they want with their body. But for the little time I have been around gymnasium I have seen too much of that stuff.


Assholes on steroids = Bigger assholes on steroids


This a joke thread right...OF COURSE you can make this shyt up...whoever told you this story just made it up....If you want to be against steriods be against it for real reasons not this made up Guy eats a bag full of baby seal pups sheeeet.


Roid rage is a myth, it's just an excuse used by assholes to be assholes.

Personally Im actually way happier and more friendly when I'm on steroids, why wouldn't I be when I feel like superman?


Why couldnt you make that up? Sounds like a pretty easy story to make up.

Im not a "short-fused steroids guys" but I feel like attacking you right now for absolutely butchering the english language... and if you look anything like the guy in your avatar you probably should get your ass kicked just for looking so stupid


greg, it's his second language, so he's not doing too bad really.

uh, jasmin bud where the fuck do you train? I don't dubt the story because there are some flaming assholes in the gyms in this city, but I doubt an anabolic agent had anything to do with that guy being an asshole.


I know.... but my post is not nearly as funny if I acknowledge that fact right away :slightly_smiling:

but this part ^^ is still completely relevant :slightly_smiling:


^what he said.

Unless OP is a chick. The username is Jasmin after all.


Am I the only one who wants to know what a big bloated red guy is?




What time of the year is it?

It's obvious the OP was talking about SANTA!

EDIT: DAMMIT! ^^ *Note to self...before posting, ensure the page you had open was recently refreshed...


A very similar story happened at my gym, except the guy wasn't on steroids.


Courtesy of Nards

Where Santa comes from...

Part 1 of 2

Theres also a movie version


This douchebag threatened me with bodily harm.
You should change your handle to....fagron.


^^I really want to see that movie. any idea how? Looks like its only hitting theaters in the UK and Australia


what are you talking about? stop trolling


ya no kidding, me too im curious as to where you train
french kids think theyre real tough shit so if youre outside of montreal, this doesnt surprise me neither


It puzzled me too. Kinda out of left field.

While we're on the topic, LegendaryFag has a nice ring to it :slight_smile:


Damn, it does.
Though, postholedigger has some better innuendo to it.

"See that guy?"
"He's a post hole digger"


Not only could it be made up, it sounds like it definitely is. Guy did too much noise squatting? What's mean? Dropping shit, screaming?

If you wanna call out people using assistance then do it.