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A Little Rusty, How's My Plan?

Hello everyone, just want to say that this is a fantastic website and is extremely helpful. I just got over a surgery and the down time made me realize how much I enjoy my good health and want to improve it even more. So i’m cleaning up my diet and throwing in running, biking, and lifting. I am a bit rusty and have a few questions, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am going to be lifting three days a week. My breakdown will be something of this nature:


is this a proper grouping? Should shoulders be with biceps and chest with triceps?

Also how many different lifts should be done, Should the breakdown be 5 shoulder exercises and 5 bicep exercises?

Also is it best to do 3 sets of 10, 4 sets of 6 or is there another breakdown thats smarter?

Should I start with my weights lighter and add weight with each set? Or start heavy and end light? Or should I lift the same weight each set on that specific day?

The three supplements I eventually will add are:
Metabolic Drive protein shake
Surge recovery

any comments on these supplements, I read up on them and they sound excellent.

Also are protein bars something that should be in your diet? If so what’s a decent brand?

Ok last question, I swear.

Now lets say if shoulders and biceps are a proper combination to lift on the same day. What exercises should I do specifically? (like I said im very very rusty)
Same goes with legs/back, chest/triceps, what exercises should I be doing on those days as well? Also what can I add in from time to time so I don’t plateau?

Thank you very much for any help you can offer, I know this is rather longwinded, but I could really use the help.

Bro hit up the are you a beginner thread above and the links in it. That will cover much of what you ask have programs to choose diet stuff etc. come on back after reading all that


Do what Phill said, regarding protein bars the majority of them are pretty much a snickers bar with a protein blend thrown in there. The Metabolic Drive cookie dough are by fair the best tasting bars I have had while still having a good ingredints list. Some protein bars taste like dehydrated dog shit!

That being said the only time I order/eat protein bars is for when I will be traveling and will have a hard time preparing all my meals for the day. Great for on the plane!

IMO I would rather stick to a bunch of cottage cheese with something mixed into it or hard boiled eggs for my day to day protein snacks.