A Little Research Help

To anyone in the medical/research field or those who might know a litle something are there any new treatments for wound repair from burns or scars from cuts/acne? I am writing a paper and have been searching but, it seems that a lot of what I am finding are treatments that are in the early stages especially when it comes to burns.

I was wondering if anyone new what would be the best solution at the moment for burn or scar victims. Especially scars I have almost nothing good on this.

Something, some might find interesting is this new treatment called Re-Cell: Harnessing regenerative properties of a patient’s own skin | AVITA Medical

Here is some one that had the treatment along with some resurfacing for acne scars. The Befores are on page.1 the 2 month follow up on page.11:Pretty amazing results.

Just today I read some interesting things about anvar and better burn healing. But why ask here if you can search pubmed?

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