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A little protein poll ...

How much protein is everyone currently eating per day, and how much do you usually eat (during maintenance stages)?

I’m at 337 on Phase 3 of Growth Surge now, and usually eat ~280 during maintenance.

I’m 5’11, 190, 20 yo … ~9-11% bf.


I honest to God have no clue. I hate the diet end of things, but I love the gym time. I eat a lot of meat whenever I get hungry. At least 200 grams a day, but somedays it could be 500 grams for all I know.

Not enough… never enough

350g protein @ 3500cals (maint) follwing P+C and P+F guidlines finishing Westside this week, switching to a hypertrophy prog next week (maybe OVT)
6 foot, 213lbs ~14% BF

180g or so per day when maintaining; about 270-300+ when trying to effect a change in weight/bodycomp (either up or down).

I weigh about 180 at the moment.


Pro Tein? I just take in regular Tein - it doesnt have to be pro for God’s sake.

Hard to say, especially given that I end up having to eat delivered food at the office for dinner so often. However, using guesstimation, I’d say approximately 200 g for maintenance, bodyweight approximately 178 lbs. at 13% BF. Too little by far for growth, but no negative effects on maintenance.

I always shoot for 300g.

When on a PH/PS, then closer to 400g.