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A Little Protein During Workout?

So I read Nutriant Timing, and I want to add that 5-10g of protein to my workout drink(1 serving Powerade in 24oz of water, 19g carbs). I know that JB likes Surge during the workout as well as after, but I’ve been out for a while. Adding like a half scoop of Grow! to my Powerade sounds pretty gross to say the least. Any ideas? Is there a “during workout” supp out there I should check out? And if so why doesn’t Biotest make it? Thanks!

Grow!, Low Carb and Original while being Awesome MRP’s are not what you are looking for during or PWO. You are wanting something Fast acting.

Why doesn’t Biotest make a during/before w/o supplement. They do, LOL. Surge and Power Drive.

Slam some Power Drive before your w/o. I have just began this seberal months back and dont know how I got along without it. It will now always be a permanent part of my pre w/o supps. mixed\ with green tea. I also mix my Surge with Green tea, Yup I’m a GT freak.

That and Surge. I and Many others like to go with one 1/2 serving during and 1/2 after. I actually, during this bulk, have changed to using My full serving during and then immediate PWO throw down some starchy carbs and Low Carb Grow!. Gives me the Fast carbs and protein in the Surge to combat the catabolic state. Then afterwards another big dose of fast carbs and a more steady state protein from the Grow!

Give one of these a try.

Hope that helps,

Yeah I forgot that Grow! isn’t 100% whey. I’d love to use like a half serving of Surge, but I’m fresh out. I do use Power Drive, I don’t think I can do a workout without it! I need to try it with greet tea, I love that stuff too.

Go to JB’s website, he lists a a few post-workout formulas (to include Surge, of course). You can just pick up a couple of these untill Surge is back. This way your essentially getting a Surge equivalent product complete with most of the “bell & whistles” and you dont have to suffer through a poweraide/whey puke fest.