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A Little N & A

I’ve got about a bottle and a half of Nandrosol and a couple full bottles of Androsol. Would there be anything wrong with switching between the two mid-cycle? Hope this isn’t a stupid question, but I’ve had great results with Nandro in the past, but the science of this stuff really just goes over my head sometimes. I wrote up a growth surge style program for myself and I’m really excited about starting it… I just want to make sure this will be alright. I’m saving my Mag10 for the summer time when my buddy is going to be training with me so I’m going to go with 70 sprays of Nandro/Andro twice a day. Also, does this type of product work best after a postworkout shower? Like the anabolic window with carbs/protein? Does the muscle soak it up better at this time, or does it not matter? Hope I don’t sound like a boner… and thanks for any help.

Total boner man…

Definitely a boner. Your body doesn’t absorb anything any better after a shower.

Oh yeah, pre/post workout prohormone use also doesn’t matter. Go with morning and night.

As I understand it, there’s nothing prohibitive about switching between N and A mid-cycle. (Ideally, you’d stay on the same product to better gauge its unique effect, but Nandrosol is history and Androsol has been overshadowed by MAG-10, so you’re making the best with what you’ve got. I understand.) Regarding an increase in effect after a shower, it’s really not an issue. The carbs/protein analogy doesn’t work here. The blood levels are elevated all day long with these products (especially at 70 x 2), irrespective of training. The only factor here would be an increased central nervous system bump that some people get with Androsol, so they spray it on about an hour or so before a workout for the extra energy. Nandrosol rarely affects people that way, but Androsol might.

Some of the T staffers have recommended Andro in the morning and Nandro in the evening. There was no advantage given to mixing them. At some point you have to get off of whatever you are on. Switching, with no break, may not be the best way to go.

Personally, if I had to choose I would go with Nandro.

I didn’t mean after the shower. I meant postworkout, but I take a shower after I workout and thats when I thought you were supposed to spray Nandrosol. So if I took a shower in the am after my workout, I’d spray. Then in the p.m after my workout I’d shower and spray. But if I waited until late at night to shower would it have been better to do it right after my workout? I know I’m no scientist, but I’m not a fuckin idiot.