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A Little Motivation

While it seems that most average people try to find excuses not to train, the truly dedicated and disciplined hate to miss a scheduled workout. Example: a lifter I know was in a car accident on Sunday night. This person was strapped to a striker board, put in a head stabilizer and ambulanced to the ER.

After a couple of hours, this person finally got x-rays and turned out mostly okay - just whip-lashed and severely bruised from the seat belt and air bag. Could hardly move without pain though.

Monday morning at 5AM, this lifter popped a pain pill and was determined to go to the gym. We finally talked this person out of going and taking some time to heal up. “But it’s just leg day! My legs are fine!” this person said. We convinced the determined lifter to wait until Wednesday at least.

Pretty hardcore, huh? Ready for the kicker?

This person is my 5’ 2", 58 year old mother!

Iron Mom hits the squats at 5AM Wednesday.

Wow, wish I had a mom like that.

That so rocks! What a great Mom, and a great eg for everyone, let alone those over 40! Thanks for posting that Shugs!

Amazing. I wish her a speedy recovery and I’m glad to hear she wasn’t seriously injured.

Hell hath no fury like a T-Woman who’s missed her Leg workout.

This reminds me of how I got started weight lifting last spring.
For the past four years, I’ve been a competative road cyclist. One day last spring I was training for a collegiate championship qualifying race. The training route that day was 58 miles. 20 mile trip across town to the base of Mt. Lemmon, 9 miles up the mountain, 9 miles back, and 20 miles back home. 15 miles into the ride, I got hit by a car. The drivers actually stopped (unusual). I had bashed my left knee and gashed my chin. My jersey had blood spotted on the front and my front wheel was bend.
The driver gave me his insurance info, phone number, and driver’s license number. He offered to drive me to the hospital.
Instead, I had him drive me to a nearby bike shop. I had the shop fix my wheel, and proceeded to finish the training ride, to the mountain, up the mountain, down the mountain and back home.
In the next few days I realized I had screwed up my knee. I had to go through 9 weeks of physical therapy. I couldn’t ride, so I took up weight lifting.
I am still lifting, but I don’t think I’ll ever be as motivated to lift as I was to ride.


Ahhh, now that explains everything. Great tires huh?

Not quite as impressive, but my story along those lines:
Couple years ago I was at boxing training, and one of the heavier experienced guys there that night asked if I’d like to spar a few “light” rounds. OK I said- I needed the practice…Proceeded to take several slightly more than light body shots, cracking 2 ribs in the process.

And then the (attempted) heavy bench press workout followed the next day…OUCH!

DON’T try that at home kids!

Anybody else??SRS

Ah, vred, now your moniker makes sense. Have a soft spot for vredestein tires?

Yup, sometimes you have to hold people back for their own good.

Chris Shugart

Thats nothing all my life I have been work-out in some form… When I was six weeks old I had heart surgery… And I as I grew up doc says not compete in streneous activity… what a cork of crap… So I started swimming competively, played scoccer when I was young, baseball (little league) wrestled in high school, played tennis for 4 years and 2 in college… When I hit 22 I was hit by a car while I was walking across the street when to the emergency room had a slight concusion (landed on my head).

Now I am 30 I got cancer as you know, but I look like a healthy person. A lot of people say that I wish I had your physique… Eventhough they can’t even phathom what I am going through…

I sometimes throw up during my work-outs and not because of the work-outs are intense, but its because of all drugs the doc gots me on…

So in conclusion… If I can work-out everyday 5 days a week. There is absolute no excuse for anyonelse out there.

sorry for the long post.

oh, by the way grammer and spell check police if you want to tear apart my grammer and spelling in my posts feel free. I really don’t care.

shugart, it is stuff like that, which I love to hear. I am tired of all these so called hard core athletes, who are afraid to push there bodies towards the limits, and really find out what they are capable of. I tend to take in a lot of info from this site, and to tell you the truth a lot of it is cool, but there is a lot of technical BS, that I believe will make the most minute difference. I feel that if you train harder, heavier, and more frequent than your body wants too you will see results. Now I might be shunned around here for saying that, but I have experienced my best result by doing this, and I am still learning and growing. But anyway Shugart that was an excellent thread, and a perfect motivator for myself before I go and attack the squat rack. Thanks Bro- J

Chris, I’m just glad your mom is ok! Sounds like if she weren’t a T-mom things might have gone much worse.