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A Little Motivation/Help


Alright so I have been away from the computer for a few months (well I mean away from the site) but I have been doing pretty decent with my diet and have started jogging every second day (sunday,tues,thurs) and working out about 3x per week after work. Also I am a asphalt raker so I break asphalt all day and then shovel for the rest so I get pretty tirred before the gym and runs haha.

But as I was saying I have lost some pretty good weight I would say, I honestly didnt weight myself before I started or even rececntly but I have noticed a very nice change in my clothes and face, along with people and friends being amazed at how much I have lost.

ANYWAY I wanted to see what you guys thoought of my eating, I know I can always improve since I am still a newb (been about 4-5 months)

8:30 wake up
3 eggs with a coffee

10:30 apple or orange (anykind of fruit)

12:30 A lean cut of steak and a fruit or two

2:30 another fruit or two

5:00 a lean steak or 2 chicken breats (either) with a salad

then usually I will have another fruit or something before I go to bed

I KNOW I am going to be killed on the food intake because I am almost positive I am not getting enough of the good stuff to keep me going.

I am wondering what I can do for more energy after work?
What are some simple foods that I can just whip up in the morning (for work) that are decent with calories/low carb/ but still have protein.

I feel like I have been hitting a brick wall of no energy and I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO SCREW UP MY PROGRESS!

Thanks alot guys and girls ahead of time


wow. this is an easy fix since your meals are fine but your snacks are lacking. veggies are not horrible so experiment with finding good ones.

your first snack, for example, could be cheese and baby carrots. usually stores have lots of variety with the cheeses so go exploring and mix things up. you really need more fat in your diet!

for bedtime, why not go with a raw milk and whey shake. throw in some fiber and some of the greens+ or T-Nation Superfood.

i would also get some fish oil twice a day. you'll probably feel a lot better. in addition to dialing in my nutrition and taking fish oil, BCAA periworkout is gold.


x2 to more food (snacks is a misnomer, it should be 5-6 meals...) and fish oil

-I would strongly advise having fruit with the first two meals of the day and then opting for vegetables. There are good ones out there, trust me. Fruits tend to have a lot of sugar in them, which makes them less than ideal later in the day.

-If you go for cheese, make sure you pick a healthier variety (mozzarella is a winner in my book) over the less healthy ones such as American.


Thanks alot guys, I'm going to go and pick up some fishoil and some protein tonight after my jog. Any recomendations on veggys to eat (how to make them actually taste good haha)


x3 for more food, do not be afraid your body is very good at regulating metabolism based on your food intake....more food = more metabolism = more energy = more productive sessions = more fat burning.

Look at these



Some good cook books with great recipes and information.

Oh and seasoning and spices should become your best friend, a good cajun or thai spice makes anything taste great without any calories.


oh and get some healthy fats in there

olive oil, advocados, nuts etc. all great and will provide longer lasting energy

String cheese I've also found great as a snack if you're pushed for something.


A lot of good advice on here OP. Maybe opt for some almonds and healthy fats (see cheese). each meal should consist of protein + carb OR protein + fat. Fruit is good for you (antioxidants, vitamins) but the draw back is it's packed with sugar. Substitute some green veges in there, maybe make a salad the day before and throw some almonds and chicken on it.

All in all, congrats on your progress and your dedication. I know a lot of people who "get tired from work" and use it as an excuse NOT to work out. You motivation probably inspires a lot of people and you don't even know it.


before I say anything else, DAMN THIS IS NICE TO COME HOME FROM WORK TO FIND! (not just the quoted post but all of the help!) Just wondering what you mean by throw in some fiber when your talking about the whey shake?

Also, I tried cooking steamed broccoli before and I honestly thought it was god awful. For real I wanted to vomit at the texture and smell of it.
Anyother ideas for some greens for me to take to work with me that will keep me full and is still healthy?

Once again, I can't thank the T-Nation members enough for all of the help


Got a few ideas here....not all necessarily for work but anyway....if you have a morning shake blend an apple and broccoli into it, you wont even notice the broccoli.

One meal I have usually every day is Cottage cheese + peanut butter + celery sticks, so a bit of greens with a good P/F meal. You could also swap them for cucumber sticks, carrot stick or any veg you can turn into a stick.

I always make up a salad for the day....lettuce, tomotoes, peppers, onion and cucumber but a good dressing or meat with the salad is essential.

A good healthy dressing which I like is equal parts balsamic vinger and extra virgin olive oil and a couple of teaspoons of dijon mustard, shake or stir together and instant dressing.

Personally I love steamed vegetables but if you dont like it you could try grilling them instead it changes the texture and gives it a slighly different taste.

I love a good home made curry sauce to go with vegetables sometimes

Fry up the veg in a pan with a little spray or olive oil

when cooked add

1 cup Chicken Stock

allow to simmer for a short while then stir in a couple of spoons of natty peanut butter to thicken....I think its amazing.

One last idea; make up cauliflower rice

Steam a head of cauliflower for 10mins
grate it
fry it in a little butter with diced garlic, olive oil and sea salt (obviously adjust amounts to fit your diet)
Eat and be amazed at how good cauliflower can taste.

(bear in mind I eat mostly protein/fat so I use EVOO and peanut butter in liberal amounts)


so I was just looking around and I came acrross someones fitday log, HOLY CHRIST!!! 1 orange has 21 carbs!!!!!?????

WTF! I have been eating fruit like crazy to keep me going at work and now I find this shit out.....


Alright, I need some help boys and girls, I need some simple recipes, I'm getting sick of my canned tuna, eggs for breakfast, protein shake.

any low carb idea for lunchs?
ideas for making chicken

ANY IDEAS (even for a filling snack) would be VERY, VERY appreciated

tommorrow is grocery day so I need to get my list ready.


Ground turkey with lots of mrs. dash+sauteed peppers is great. drizzle some light tasting olive oil on it and it's real filling.

Throw some some soy sauce+sesame oil+water into a pan with chicken and cover it up. keeps chicken nice and juicy. Have this with steamed veggies and some raw nuts (walnuts, almonds)

this is a great salsa like relish that you can have with eggs, steak or poultry. (if you like garlic add a clove or two also :D)

Pico de Gallo Recipe II

4 ripe plum tomatoes, seeded, finely chopped (about 1 pound)
1 small white onion, finely chopped
1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves, chopped
4 fresh jalapenos, seeded, finely chopped
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
salt to taste

Mix the tomatoes, onion, cilantro, jalapenos and limejuice. Add salt to taste. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, and serve the same day made. Makes 2 to 2-1/2 cups of Pico de Gallo.


Chicken can be great. IMO it's all about seasoning it in different ways and making a themed meal out of it. A personal favorite of mine (moderately low carb too) is take a chicken breast or two, soak them in a bit of hot sauce for a little, grill 'em and slice 'em up. Cut up some ripe avocado into strips or mush it up with some added hot pepper flakes. Use lettuce for what bread would usually be in a sandwich, put in the sliced chicken, get a tablespoon or two of fresh salsa (I've found a salsa that is 1 carb for 2 tbsp) in there, throw in some slice black olives if you have them, some cheese (mexican blend is my favorite here), the avocado or avocado sauce, wrap it up in the lettuce and enjoy. If you have leftover avocado try eating it with some spinach leaves, or using the spinach as a chip if you mushed them up.


yeah good ideas. Avocados are awesome and nutrient packed. also op try rubbing some green mustard (comes in a little jar) on chicken before grilling/roasting.


thanks for the help guys, def going to try some of these ideas out.

I went grocery shopping today and I picked up some frozen chopped spinach, frozen veggys and stuff but i read the back of the back of veggys, (example....... green pes, carrots, corn etc) and there are TONS of carbs in it?

I didn't get any stupid flavours or anything just good old veggys
I'm on a low carb diet, how am I suppossed to eat a lot of veggies if there so high in carbs?


Usually people don't count carbs in green fibrous veggies. The body doesn't utilize them for energy. There are some veggies with a bit more starch/sugar in them, like peas or carrots for instance, that I count carbs for. A good rule of them is green fibrous veggies are "free" while others you may want to count.

Broiled asparagus is a favorite veggie of mine, goes extremely well with salmon.


thanks for everything! Everyone!

tryed the balsamic vinegar with oliver oil and some mustard, unfreakingbeleivable is all that I can say.
Also for the first time I got some chopped spinach and it was pretty decent when it was fresh but I put the rest in a container and had it for lunch today and damn it wasnt so good. To be honest I hated it!

Well i guess its trial and error from here

once again thank you and any more low carb ideas are more then welcome (dont eat seafood, just tuna)


got a quick question.....

the boys are going out for wings tonight and I want to go but i was wondering if going for a few lbs of wings is really off my diet being low carb and all?

I can garuntee I can say no to a few beer for the night but it's driving me nuts if having some wings will f*** with my diet.

Advice needed!


Yor diet doesn't look bad. You probably need more protien but the fruit is a major plus. Add some veggies and protien to your meals and your set. You should have some protien with every meal.

For a good protien I like cottage cheese and fruit. My favorites are apples and pears ( fresh ). Mix them up and eat em up.

Or you could just chug a protien shake when you are lacking time with fruit and veggies.

Breakfast isn't bad. although 3 eggs and coffee isn't your best option. at best your getting about 24g of protien and not many carbs unless they are coming from sugar in your coffee (in which case you need better carbs). You have a tough job so you need some good quality carbs to give you energy for your job. Try a bowl of oatmeal or some kind of fruit along with the eggs. I like to make protien pancakes. if your interested let me know i'll give you the recipie just avoid the processed syrup.

If you get 40 grams of protien at 3 meals and then for your "snacks" have at least 20g of protien that will put you at 180g which is pretty good (I don't know your weight but it's better than what your getting right now).

hey man keep up the good work. If your working hard your diet will be the key.


I would guess it depends on whether the wings are breaded or not. Id think eating a couple pounds of breaded wings would have a ton of carbs in them. But there is a strong belief that you should give yourself a break and have a cheat meal once a week. Also id stay clear of the blue cheese dipping sauce. If the heat gets to unbearable order extra celery, that will take the edge off.