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A Little Liquid Gets Stuck in the Needle


There is a hallow on the bottom of the needle that keeps some of the liquid even though I push the plunger all the way. So about 0.05ml is wasted in each injection. What can I do?

Lick it up.

Damn dude, get a different doc if you are this worried.

The first needle I used did the same thing so I just filled over that amount to make up for it. I quickly bought new needles so I wasn’t wasting the test. My current needles plunge all the way to the bottom so zero waste.

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What syringes and needles do you use?

These here: https://westendmedicalsupplies.com/products/3cc-3ml-25-g-x-1-5-intramuscular-luer-lock-syringe-with-needle-50pk

I use 27 gauge Easy Touch insulin syringes do to no waste that are rather easy to load.

The same brand that I have. The only difference is that mine is 25gx5/8" instead of 25gx1.5".

@systemlord You do subq son’t you?

Strange. Maybe you got a bad batch.

I haven’t tried it yet, I just want to make it to 100% recovery and feel normal for awhile before I start messing around again.

You inject IM with an insulin syringe??

EOD and doing IM? OUCH!!!

You’ll wonder why you didn’t change over sooner.

Nothing compared to the 18 gauges I started out using!

FUCK that

I live it for you to lick.

I draw a little air into the syringe after I draw the oil, the turn the needle down and thump the syringe a few times to allow to rise to the plunger. When you inject the air will push out all the oil.

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You’re the man.

Insulin needles are as close to zero waste as you are going to get. Just do it, not going to explain the mechanical details.