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A Little Inspiration


Did shoulders last night. Watched this before:

Just incredible.


Nice one! im training my delts today.

Branch is a strong guy!


Check some of Rühl's smith ohp vids...
He got up to 700 or so for a double if I remember correctly. mostly trains in the 400+ range.

Anyone trying to tell me that his shoulders are all synthol is a complete moron.
Synthol doesn't lift 700 pounds for you.


i wish i could train with someone as intense as branch.

i always think its funny on his videos theres a bunch of wimps in the background.

like the one where hes curling like 70s or something outrageous and some dude just walks away.


Ruhl shoulders:


Haha yeah I love that. But how awesome would it be if you were training and then you see Branch walk into your gym and start destroying the weights? Talk about motivation during your workout.


WOW, insane. Thanks for the post.

Ruhl is an absolute animal.


I love how nobody fucking fucks with Branch when he's in the gym. Nobody talks just trains.


Warren appeared to go up to 150kg/330p. for partial push presses with wraps.
Warren bodyweight: 255-265 pounds.
'Elite' press for 242: 264 (full ROM,no wraps)
For 275: 272


I wanna train at that gym.

One thing I noticed which irritated me is the military press station. My gym has one of these, but for some reason, the seat won't go back far enough to have the bar start in front of you.

You have to therefore reach back and behind your head to unrack the bar. Prevents me from using it due to my bad shoulder (and I don't want to have a training partner assist me each time).

About the markus ruhl video: that guy is fucking huge.


There's a vid of him at 151 Kg's of bodyweight (post bb-career), that's 332 pounds or so... Insane.

And 700 for a double in military/front presses(with his uber-wide grip and going to lockout, man, my arms would tear from the sockets with that grip), that's 318 Kg's, not even counting the bar... Shit.


DB Presses tonight:

Love this guy.


Thats what I use now for chest, and I like it better then barbell.


whos that chick with Ruhl? shes fucking gigantic