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A Little Insight?


Okay, newbie here. And I've been reading up on everything that there is on T-Nation and other sites. I understand that basics, but of course I'm still a bit confused.

I'm about to start my first cycle. I just recieved my Var, and looking to stack that with D-bol down the road.

Now for the questions...After reading up on alot of articles I'm thinking about running var for 4 weeks. Then stacking that with d-bol. As of right now I plan on taking creatine with var...is that ok to do?

Secondly, when I start my var/d-bol stack about how long should I run this for? 6 weeks? I'm not sure.

Finally, I read the article on here from "Anavar". He mentioned taking Nolva for the post-phase. I've searched all over the internet and cant really find where to get this at.

Thanks guys, and I look forward to hearing back.


Don't read the articles, read scientific literatue with actual scientists and experts conducting the cycles. Not a bunch of wanna-be's using 5 times the products at 10 times the needed dosages.


A little insight into your stats, training regime, diet and what you want to gain would really help. Or try Cy's "Steroids for Dummies" for a good grounding in the use and effect of AASs.

You can find Cy's article at:



Point of note: All of the profiles and articles (where applicable) I've written are fully referenced, just as any scientific paper would be.


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Yeh, part of my degree I had to take 6 credit hours of courses just aimed towards research.

If you expect someone without an eductional background, and just a 'lay ' understanding of physiology, and medical terms, how are you going to interpret these studies?

Plus there is not too many research articles on BB steroid cycling out there. It is mostly other medical applications, and we extrapolate little tidbits of info here and there to deduct the best method for our purposes.

Definitely someone who is well-versed medically, who can extrapolate the info from these articles and put it out there in an easy to read format, is supperior to just reading research, for the average guy.

Now obviously what everyone of these writers write, still has to be examined with a grain of salt, to ensure they arn't just writing a bunch of B.S. which btw is easy to do.


I wasn't referring to lab analysis papers and molecule compositions and the such but a strong reference like Anabolics 2006 or Chemical Wizardy. Should've listed specific sources in my first post.


So for my stats...

Age: 24
Weight: 190lbs.
Height: 6"1

I work out about 4-5 times a week. Damn, I really cant think of anything else to add...

What I'm asking really is that I've read stacking Var with Winny is the best. So what would you guys say stacking Var to D-bol?

Thanks again for all your input