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A little incident


My girlfriend and I are in the gym doing the OVT program. It's a small gym so supersets are a luxury, not a right. Knowing this, we are more than willing to work around anyone who needs to use something that we are.

That being said, we are using a barbell and dumbells and while she was using dumbells, a guy takes the barbell. No big deal since we were done anyways, but she suggests that it was a rude move to take without asking. We've encountered this guy before, and he is truly a jerk.

His response was that she shouldn't be using two things at once. Granted, but no one was in the gym at the time. We were putting anyone into an inconvienence. But instead of saying it calmly, he insists that he has to yell. He says it again, so I step up. Words are exchanged, the staff steps in to calm it down, and the problem is left unresolved. Tensions are still high, but I try to remain calm. He was finishing up doing assisted pull ups and I wanted to do weighted dips. I ask if he is done and he responds in his asshole way, "yeah, I only use one machine." Ok, congrats, you're still worthless. So I respond, "I guess that makes you the better man." More words are exchanged, and it's again left unresolved.

This guy, and his absent friend are going to be a hassle all summer, what should we do? We're not changing our workout time for that pile. Should I bite my tongue and work around him? Should I answer his comments with some of my own?

Keep in mind that although we're doing the OVT program, we've always made sure to respect other people's needs. If someone needed something that we were using, we've always given it up quickly. NO way should this have been an issue, but this clown couldn't act civilized to a woman.


Your girlfriend shouldn't have pointed out that it was rude if it really cost you nothing. That's what I gathered happened from your story. Don't you hate it when your girl draws you into stuff like that? That always pissed me off.

Anyway, as long as she wasn't hiding behind the fact that she was a girl (since a guy wouldn't hit a girl, right?) to say something a guy couldn't get away with, this guy is just as worthless as you indicated. Actually, he is either way, because there's no need for him to respond in such a manner.

I really only see two options with someone that you can't reason with like this:

1) Ignore him completely.
2) Beat his ass like a drum.

1 will get you through the summer, but 2 would perhaps provide you with a state-funded workout hour every day. I'd go with 1.


tough one. Honestly, since you work out in such a small gym I would switch work out programs. That or you can alternate the time you work out so that you won't have to see this dickhead. Last thing you want to do is get in a fight in front of your girlfriend, for the right to use the dumbell.


Any superset program poses a problem in a commercial gym. I usually just adjust the exercises so that I can do things that are close to each other so I can watch the unused out of the corner of my eye.

I don't think it's wrong to use two things at once. I'm sure there are other barbells in your gym.

But dude, check this out. There was a girl in my gym doing trunk twists on a flat barbell bench. Already a waste, but whatever. After her first set, she jumped on the other barbell flat bench for her second. Thing is, there was someone on that bench already and he had it loaded with about 235 with a couple of sets to go. She refused to move to any of the many other places to do her useless movement...she twisted away as he unloaded the bench to load the other one. I couldn't believe it. What's worse, she was working out with sunglasses on.


Just spit on the bar next time you think he is going to swipe it. Then see how bad he wants it. No seriously, just ignore him and chuckle over the fact that he can not even spell OVT let alone understand it! Just think about how much you are growing compared to him. That would put a shit eaten grin on my face everytime I saw his mug. Take care man!


go to the gym when the asshole isnt there. =)


i would definitley not even consider changing my routine. there is nothing wrong with supersetting in your garage or a commercial gym.

secondly, and i will give you my honest opinion even though some may be opposed to my behavior.

my response to his antics would have went something like this: what the fuck is your problem, havent you ever heard of a super set you punk bitch?

and then if he replied with anything other than im sorry sir. i would have promptly beat the living shit out of him and anyone else that got in my way.

if there is one thing i do not tolerate and will beat some ass over is someone disrespecting my family, my girlfriend or a close friend.

im getting pissed just thinking about it. where do you live bro? if your in no-cal ill go to the gym with you and take care of this muther fucker!


Find out where he lives you and your boys go get some ski masks, rain coats, heavey welding gloves, and some gasoline...or maybe just antagonize the shit out of him until he draws so much attention to himself he gets kicked out. Or you could try to train at a different time. I like options 1 and 2.


I don't think changing your routine is the answer. Like someone else mentioned there is nothing wrong with super setting. It might be different if you were hogging three machines for a mini circuit or something but having a BB and some DBs isn't a crime. That being said, stay the bigger man, remain calm next time and explain that you are super setting and that there are two of you there so technically there is only one weight per person using them.


quite seriously, if someone spoke to my wife as he spoke to your girlfriend I'd be waiting at his car for him. Sorry, there's no room for disrespect, don't care how big you think you are.


Sounds like water under the bridge, but if the guy makes your skin crawl- file a written complaint with management. Thats it, write a letter. Trust me, you will see results. (Verbal complaints are generally considered hot air and don't get results.) You spend hard earned money on the gym dues. Insist on value.

If the gym is that empty, looks like the guy is just a prick. Move on.


Punch him in his fucking face!


Ok, a bit of a more serious reply.

If you want this guy gone, you're going to have to take the necessary steps. Unfortunately, this probably is going to be painful. Anyway, just antagonize the hell out of him--provided he continues to annoy you as well--to the point where he takes a swing at you. Seriously, taking a punch will definitely get this assgoblin kicked out of the gym.


dUDE i WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING. Just think everytime he sees you working out you know he will know he didn't get to you, and next time just kick him in the sac.


It looks as though the T-Men are all in agreement, this douch-bag should have his nuts stomped out his ass. I love you guys.


I don't mean to be a thorn in anyone's side...but I have a question. A few months back, a 16 year old T-man in training asked about a problem he was having where 2 guys were picking on him at the gym he was working out in. Nearly everyone told him to just keep working out, and get bigger. Just ignore them. (One guy suggested after this he should sleep with their sister(s)...but I digress).

How is it ok that we tell this 16 year old to ignore them, and suddenly we tell an older T-man (sorry I dont' know your age Hater), that he should stomp on the guy's face?

I'll admit I'm somewhat partial to getting bigger, and stronger (and then sleeping with his sister?) but I can't say I agree with the mixed message.

Being a T-man means using your head, more than your muscles...That goes during and outside of workouts I think.


that's it.. instead of using your head to solve a problem . Use violence to get it done.

Nice I'm sure the judge will not mind that when they hear it .

In todays world . Just when u think a fist fight is over , it aint. People use guns today to solve things. Think about it ............


First, don't use violence, you'll have to be bailed out of jail.

Second, don't hog equipment. I get pissed when someone is loading up multiple machines. I can say tho, that the people that do this are very considerate and offer the machine if you need it..


It's just people talking tough on here. I agree with Jared that girls shouldn't get "you" into fights! However obviously protect your woman when she needs it. But with any luck she shouldn't have a big mouth(not saying your girl does). As for this assmunch I would just keep doing what I'm doing. Then when he starts putting up a stink..flattley refuse to change. What's he going to do? :wink:


what happened to the men in this country? What happened to honor, respect, and pride? i can fully understand not wanting to always use violence to solve your problems. but if someone disrespects my girlfriend or my family i am beating his ass quicker than you can say super set.

i dont care who that offends, or what the possible repercussions may be. a remark such as what the asshole in question made, is not something that i would sit around and think about. it is an automatic reaction for me to get mad, for the adrenaline to start pumping, and for me to promptly shove a size 11 deep into his rectal cavity.

people want to talk about ?in today?s society people use guns etc." you know what if people were not afraid to knuckle up and come from the shoulders we wouldnt have the problem of guns. shooting people and using various weapons came from sissies that were scared to defend themselves the old school way.

instead of the kid who gets picked on in school fighting back. (because his mommy told him that is politically incorrect to do so) he finally gets so fed up after years of being a door mat, that he forms a group such as the "trench coat mafia" and brings guns to school and tries to blow up the entire student body.

obviously violence isnt the answer to everything, i am a rational man. but i truly believe that sometimes certain people such as this clown need a good ass kicking.

i guarantee you one thing. if our boy would have beat that dudes ass, he would not be asking what to do, he would not worry about when to go to the gym, and he would not ever have to worry about that asshole again.