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A Little Help

I just have two questions.
I just bought a bottle of tren and it expired this month and wasn’t planning on starting my cycle till next month. What happens to the steroid when it expires? Is it still effective? Should I ask for another bottle, which I can get.
Also, my stack is going to be Test Prop, tren for 5 weeks and then Eq. I am new at this and wanted to know how much weight gain should I expect. I know the Eq will help harden everything up and minimize the fat gain. The test I am running throughout the whole cycle (and don’t worry I already have the clomid for post).

To give you some figures I am 6’4" 217lbs around 12% body fat right now. My diet is good. Seven meals a day, about 3600 calories right now, will bump it 500 kcal per day when i start the cycle. So how much weight gain should I expect and should I bump the calories more?

Most expiration dates, for the record, are just CYA’s (cover your ass). You can take it just like you could eat expired dollar store food…but after a time period it may not be as effective.
But by all means, if it’s easy enough just replace it.