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a little help

Hope this doesn’t sound too stupid but i have just come into some winstrol and i’ve got some questions. 1. How many cc’s per week should i take? 2. is deca a good compliment to winstrol? 3. is it worth my time to take if i can only take the winstrol? thanks for the help.

do yourself a favor and don’t do steroids… read the underground tap article this week.

Well, yeah that does sound stupid, and you could get flamed pretty heavily for asking a question like that. But I’m a nice guy, unlike the rest of these assholes.

  1. Gear is not measured in cc’s. Both ml and cc are measurements of volume/liquid, but mg and g are measurements of weight. Drugs themselves are usually measured in weight(mg). The actual liquid is measured by volume, obviously. So it depends on the potency. If you have something that is 250mg/ml, then it yields 250 per cc. See how it works? So you asking how many cc’s you should take is irrelevant, since I don’t even know what you have, though I did concur that it is liquid, and not tabs.

  2. No. Most will call you very bad names for mentioning deca around these parts. Deca is typically for bulk, while Winny is typically for cutting - typically. Regardless, deca sucks. It would be entirely moronic of you to stack them.

  3. No. This is advice that I hold true to: Don’t take ANY cycle w/o a base of test. Winny alone will yield little lasting results and be stupid as well.

My last piece of advice: Stay away from steroids until you have researched a LOT LOT more. You can/will end up in very bad shape.

If you need more advice, feel free to post, but we prefer you use the Search button to your left.

I agree with everything Merlin said, except I have had great results with deca and winny (and maybe clen) esp. when cutting. When I’m cutting up, and doing a lot of running, the deca helps my ankles. Of course, eq would be better than the deca… Unless you’re using the deca specifically to help your joints. I’ve found a 6-weeker with 100mg winny/day, 6 tabs clenbuterol/day, and 600mg deca/week is a good cutting cycle.

With winny and deca you have a class I and II androgen. The winny will reduce the deca bloat. Winny will spike IGF-1 and the deca will reduce IGF-1 binding protein thus making a synergistic stack. And the winny will keep willy happy and strength up. Also, you probably wont even need an anti-e during cycle.

Don’t mean to argue, merlin, but this is my anecdotal evidence to boot.
Oh, also I disagree about including test with every cycle - if you are cutting IMHO it makes no sense to include a heavily aromatizing androgen (like test, dbol, etc). For mass cycles, as you say, bring on the T, but not when cutting.

I don’t mind at all, Archaic. There’s no right or wrong answer to very much. Different points of view are always good for rookies to see.

thanks 4 the help. sorry to sound like such a tool. i think ill do a lot more research now.


As it looks like you are returning from a brief hiatus, I will politely remind you that according to current procedures, you are REQUIRED to first insult the dumbass for even thinking to ask a question on an internet discussion board, I mean it’s for “DISCUSSION” for fuck’s sake, NOT “QUESTIONS”.

Then you are to Flame him so badly that he never comes back, even under the pseudonym “Just like Timmy P only not presently Masturbating”

…and lastly, after the thread has died a natural death, you need to bump it back up after about a week so the still smouldering carcass serves as a warning to others to “wise the fuck up” before they get outta hand too.

I look forward to your compliant participation in the future and eagerly anticipate your contribution to continuing the current trend that will, if left unchecked, render us all alone with only our own greatness to remind of of how much fun it’s been.

“We participate in a tragedy; at a comedy we only look”

~ Aldous Huxley

Sorry Cupcake. I’ll flame the next rookie I see. I promise.