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A Little Help with Training


Do to school and work I will have time to train 3x a week. So I was wondering what would be the best routine? I am cutting at the moment trying to lose 10-15 lbs of fat, length of workout is not an issue.


So you have time to train 3x a week but the length of the workout is not a issue?


Work out all day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for maximum effect :stuck_out_tongue:


how much do you weight how tall are you? I mean you want us to just give you a program without you even telling us the basic stuff


You don't have to be limited to 3days. "Mini" workouts or "extra" sessions. Whatever you want to call em but i'm sure you can fit them in somewhere.


He should train for the length of 168hours but only once a week


I tried to use this excuse, cos i work 5 days a week and have uni and train 6 days a week. I tried to use all as an excuse and say i couldnt handle it and i would train 4 days. Well.. if ya wanna be the best u can be, there is always time. Get up early, stay up later, sleep less etc.

Just an example but my typical thursday - after having work till 12am the night before i wake at 7am, gym at 8am, uni from 10.30am-5.30pm, work from 6pm to 12am again. Sotheres always time.


Squat one day, Deadlift another, bench another.

Don't forget the curlz.


Wow boy, when do you study??? I have a hectic schedule like you as well. I Actually analyze my schedule weeks in advance to find where I can fit workouts, study time etc.

Anyways, even though most can fit in a good workout probably everyday if they truly looked at their schedule to find some room, I still don't think working out 3 or 4 days a week is bad. DC'ers use a 2 way split done three times a week, a good upper/lower split is done 4 times a week. To me, the number of days doesn't matter so much as it is the effort, consistency and progression that goes into it.