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A Little Help With New Split


Hi All,

I want to change my split up starting today and Im thinking about doing something like this:

Mon - chest/shoulders/abs
Tue - legs/calves
Wed - rest
Thur - back/traps/abs
Fri - biceps/triceps
Sat - rest
Sun - rest

I want to see if anyone can help me figure out what exercises I should perform for chest/shoulder day and Biceps/Triceps day as I never worked these muscles together.


I'm a little confused as to why you wouldn't work chest and triceps together? Doesn't bench work the triceps? And why not work the back with the biceps (rows, chins, etc.)?


I see you just signed up and this is your first post. Go the the beginner's forum and read the New To T-Nation thread stickied at the top. Read Vroom's beginner's thread linked at the bottom.