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A Little Help With My Schedule

well, i have gone back and forth over the last 6 months or so over continuing to put on mass or leaning down.

the fight is over, i want to be big and strong.

6 months ago i was 220lbs at 5’9", and i felt strong, i loved it. i was a bit soft though, and my blood pressure was a little high for my age (22 next month). so i picked up the sprints/running, cleaned up the eating and am now at 200lbs.

currently following an lower/upper split, mon/tues and thurs/fri, respectively.

i am looking for a simple, 3-4 day a week plan that allows me to squat, dead and bench.

i am ready to eat big again, and get strong and big, just looking for opinions on how to set it up/what exercises to include/when to do them, etc. names of plans to search for on this site, or plans at westside or elitefts, it would all be appreciated. or if you have a plan of your own, bring it on.

btw, not new to lifting, just very fried right now between school and other things, lookin for the Nation to help me get organized. thanks a lot.

I can recomend the russian routines Sheiko and Smolov. They’re not only making you strong but massive too.

Here are some links:

Sheiko beginner 1

Sheiko beginner 2

Smolov squat routine and Smolov junior bench routine

thanks for your help, i will check those out. and thanks for the response, i was beginning to think no one cared…