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A Little Help with My Schedule Please?


Hi, so if anybody has noticed by reading my training log you can see I dont really have any goals set.

But I do now.
My goal is all round fitness, but when I'm in the gym I want to focus on full body strength and gaining a little muscle.

So, with my current circumstances, I'm only going to be able to hit the gym twice a week. Monday and wednesday.

I'm gong to start runing three time a week aswell.
What day I do this is all dependant on my work hours and days, as they vary weekly.
I'll do ..
a sprint session
a slow 5k session
and a 2 mile against the clock session.

seeing as I can lift only twice a week, How shall I schedule my routine? shal i do a lower body day and an upper body day, or shall I do two full body workouts?

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:


try a few weeks of each and pick which one you like better. there is no right or wrong split.


Thanks for the injection of common sense... I'm severly lacking in it sometimes haha :slight_smile:


If I were lifting two days per week, I would schedule a Squat/Press day and a Deadlift/Bench day. Like a Monday and Thursday type thing, can't really go wrong with that.


I like the sound of that. Thanks


Coach Dan John certainly reccomends the deadlift/bench combo as part of a 2 days lifting programme, sorry can't remember what he specified for the other day.


This is an excellent reply, that is exactly what i would do as well.


Ye, it sound great. Im going to do this but replace bench press with dips.

Thanks for the Advice.


Where in the UK are you pg.?


Near Luton, what about you?


Also, do you think doing 5 sets of 5 is going to be enough, seing as I'm only going to be training heavy (Relativly) in the gym twice a week?

I'm going to be running 2 - 3 times a week and doing 2 bodyweight sessions at home on the other days, and greasing the groove with pullups everyday.